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  1. I'm still at a loss here. Does that blinker switch look ok?
  2. Ok, I pulled the switch off (this time without taking the Steering wheel off...that's kind of a pain), and took some photos. I think it looks pretty clean, but maybe you'll see something that I didn't. I took a few photos of the switch's various components from various angles. The copper looks clean and the solder points look good, so I don't know what else it could be. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByDoZypH2JvzRWtVYWFWM2VacE0&usp=sharing
  3. O-ok...I mean, it's just a switch, right? Like, either it's supplying power, or it isn't...? If the light comes on at all, it's supplying power. If the light never came on, it isn't supplying power. The light comes on, it just doesn't blink. I wouldn't have thought that would be controlled up in the steering column...But ok, I've already got the column all torn down, I can pull the switch again. I'll get back to you when I've tried that
  4. You're talking about that little panel on the back of the wheel, right? The one with the (iirc) 3 solder points running through that? The blinker thing, right? Yeah, I've already had that off and cleaned it up. Solder points looked good...and I'd assume (perhaps incorrectly) that if there were problems with that panel, one of the lights wouldn't light up at all...but mine just doesn't blink. I can take it all off again, but I really did tear it down already (like on Monday) with the express purpose of examining/cleaning that part.
  5. Ok, yep, I cleaned up the hazard switch and the problem persists. Any clues as to what I should check next?
  6. Ok, that doesn't surprise me. The hazards work but the switch is filthy and gummed up with a bunch of nasty junk (seriously, it kind of looks like somebody spilled a cup of coffee on the steering column while jamming out to Wham!). I'll take that apart and clean it up. Maybe that'll do the trick. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, I've got a '78 "510" (nee Nissan Violet) A10, and I'm trying to bring this puppy back to life. I'm getting really close, but I'm in a bit of a fight with the blinker system. Like the title says, the Hazard lights, and the right blinker work as expected, but the left blinker (when indicated with the blinker stalk) doesn't blink. Originally, I thought the blinkers didn't work at all...but found that if I jiggled the handle, they would, so I just got done tearing the steering column apart to find the little copper bit that connects to the rocker and makes contact with the solder points at the back of the wheel. It was properly disgusting. I cleaned it and the contacts up with a bit of sandpaper, and now the blinkers engage every time but the left blinker is still giving me some trouble. I've heard around that hazard systems are redundant so that they ideally always work, so I'm not shocked that they are working...but I'm a bit surprised that the hazards would cause the left to blink, but the stalk wouldn't. Just how many blinker relays are in this thing anyway? Anyway, any assistance you guys could provide would be majorly helpful. This is a relatively new car to me, so I don't really know my way around. Please be gentle. Thanks guys, Datamancer

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