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    hello all, I have a set of 14x6 Adavan A3A's with new tires. $500 for the set, Located in Alhambra, CA Link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/cKtaWY9rN25qaBgPA


    alhambra, California - US

  2. So I've been searching a bunch of posts, and I know I've seen it on the forum before, but there's that step lip on the rear inner fender wells on the wagons. I need to get in there a trim that lip off, but I wanted to see photos of those who've done it in the past. All the photos on the site seem to be either gone or that photobucket error. Does anyone still have those photos on their hard drive that could possibly post or email them to me? I wanted to see how far forward and how far rearward to trim up to get the tire to tuck a little bit more on the rears. Thanks! Taiki
  3. Thanks all! Got a couple of new ones ordered up!
  4. So I managed to round out both the fill and drain plugs on my diff. Welded up some nuts on it to remove them, but now would like to put in new plugs. Is there an interchange on these plugs, or possibly a part number out there? Searched the web but couldn't come up with anything. Thanks! Taiki
  5. Been a couple weeks, not much of an update, sitting around waiting on parts and doing little things: Started with getting fuel tank out, the gas inside of it was completely brown and I was really worried it was rusty inside. But luckily for me everything inside was super clean Couple nights later, I was able to pull the rear end. [/url] I think I'm going to run the stock rear end. I was debating on all the options of other rear ends, but that'll just snowball and I know where that'll lead me...soo.... Ain't no turning back now! Got underneath the wagon and started doing some surgery on brackets and such Now time to clean the underside today. I'm really not looking forward to this On a high note, I did get a package the other week: Met a guy in Japan while at that Nostalgic Car show in February, got to talking and he had one at his shop. Couple months later and agreeing on a price, got me my grille. =) gotta clean it all up, but that's months and months from now!
  6. Been working on the wagon on and off for the past few weeks. Got the wheels somewhat cleaned up: Then got to coating the front section of the floor boards and the firewall with Al's HNR (head and noise reducer) Then on top of that got the Rammat: I want it to be as quiet as I can get it. =) Then earlier in the week, with the help of my neighbor, got the motor in! May seem backwards, but I have a small garage to work out of, so I have to do this in sections. Was nice working on the mini in this garage, but the 510's way bigger :rofl: so this is all the way up and this is down: Don't mind the fender, the previous owner started pluggin holes. I'll eventually get to the body, but for now I flipped the wagon around in the garage to figure out what to do with the rear suspension: small updates, but slowly chipping away at it.
  7. Draker- The Al's HNR is supposed to be a heat and noise reducer. Probably best to just lay some daynamat type stuff on top of it to kill some of cabin noise huh. Hopefully the HNR will keep the cab a bit cooler than stock.
  8. Anyone ever use bedliner in the interior of your dime? Say like Al's HNR and then a bedliner top coat? I just laid down some Al's HNR on the firewall and the front pans, but debating to run some bedliner on top of it as a top coat. Thoughts?
  9. lol sorry guys. got a little busy yesterday. Bags are Universal Aero Sport bags. I pretty much used the Green Goon's idea on the front bags. Bottom mounts were made using their bracket kit. Top hat has bought off ebay, and machined to fit the the T3 coil over top hats. I haven't had the chance to put the car back on the ground to check to make sure all plays well together, but from what I was able to cycle on the jack stands, I don't see any issues. Once I clean up the Advans and buy some tires, I'll put it back on the floor and get more photos. But I see that being a week or two away.
  10. So not a huge update. Got back from vacation and been putting in a couple of hours a night on the wagon. First got the hubs put back together with new bearings. Got in some new parts and started assemble the front suspension.. and then this happened: installed in the wagon still need to run the lines for the air, was going to put it down on the ground to check stuff, but then realized that my stock steelies won't clear the calipers...so I threw on the Advans to make sure they cleared the calipers which leads me into today, all the bolts were rusty on the wheels, so I'm going to see if I can save them got them soaking in some Evaporust, and then I started stripping the red off the wheels and of course, since it is a Sunday, and it's hot outside, we must have beer Cheers all, have a great Sunday
  11. So I seemed to have lost one of my flywheel bolts. Is there an interchange for these bolts, maybe an ARP set? Will say a 240z set or 280zx set fit? thanks in advance!
  12. Just got back from Japan, didn't get any parts, but got some photos for your enjoyment: https://goo.gl/photos/4hzWeZSKa8mMDvSS8 hope that link works!
  13. Draker, Wagon Jon, I used this recipe: http://thefactoryfiveforum.com/showthread.php?14392-DIY-Zinc-Plating-for-Donor-Nuts-and-Bolts I use an old computer power supply to run the thing, seems to be doing ok, but could probably sit in the bath for longer periods of time. Thanks mrbigtanker, you're wagon is amazing!
  14. Been moving along at a slow pace. Been trying to do one thing a day or one thing a weekend Started by bolting up the Brake and Clutch masters and making some new line: Got all lines made at this point, just need to do the one from the firewall all the way to the rear of the car. Started to work on rebushing the lower arms and such got to bolting the suspension back up and...started to mess around with home brew zinc plating: came out all right, I do think I'll need to leave it in the bath for a longer period of time to get the zinc to stick a bit more. Also got the heater box all cleaned up, but no pictures there, nothing really exciting about that either way. Had a bunch of rain in LA, these two punks really don't help out when trying to work on the car either: Been a good few weeks, got small thing accomplished, next week I'll be heading to Japan for a week to go to the Nostalgic 2 day show in Yokohama so hopefully I'll come back with some goodies. Fingers crossed!
  15. lol stupid me! I didn't think about that! I'll measure tonight. Yeah, I just wanted a general idea where the hold was going to be so I didn't coat around that area. That'l give me something to work with.
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