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    '85 nissan z2.4 720 4wd kingcab
  1. This article is exactly what i needed to read tonight! Lots of good info for a beginner weber user.
  2. RocksRcool

    Top end issues

    So i finnally got a chance to do my valve lash, set it while hot to .013. Before i go farther, timing is set and advances fine with throttle. Did a carb rebuild on my weber 32/36 dgev, my jetting seemed screwed up, fuel jets were both 35's, air jets were 170 primary, 120 seconday, main idle jet was 55 an secondary 50. Ive order a jetting kit. Im at 2400ft of elevation. So when i was setting valve lash i noticed 5-6 of my head bolts were not tight, so i went to tighten them but their stripped, not the bolt itself, but whatever their mounting into, they bite a lil bit but never fully tighten down, def not to 60lbs. How screwed am i? Also, i still have no top end, an am missing a bunch of acceleration. The engine is quieter which is good.
  3. RocksRcool

    Top end issues

    Oh an the choke plates are verticle as should be
  4. RocksRcool

    Top end issues

    Well i have spark from both coils, all my spark lines seem to be fine, ran a compression test from cylinder 1 to 4: 137, 140, 137, 125( tested each cylinder 3 times to give myself an average). Guessing cylinder 4 was cooled off more by the time i got to testing it, or its a lil more worn then the rest. I removed the catalytic converter, no noticeable change, de-smogged it as well. Same result of no change. Im going to get a carb rebuild kit, noticed a lil wetness comeing from a seal. I bought it from a feller who barely spoke english, he used it as a farm truck, so i have no clue if he drove it up from cali or maybe down from denver.. i wonder if the carb is jetted totally wrong for the altitude im at.
  5. RocksRcool

    Top end issues

    Hi all, I picked up an 85 nissan 720 4wd kingcab last week, it was barely running. Ive changed oil an filter, new spark plugs (ngk of course), fixed a leak in the carb fuel line, tightened down the valve cover (it was super loose), re done all my vaccum lines, most were missing, threw on a new distributor cap and rotor, set my timing via the sticker under the hood. Im idling fine (800-900), BUT, im still lacking a bunch of power an she just wont get above 50-55mph...whats going on? Could it be the vaccum advance? Any help would be appreciated for a new 720 enthusiast
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