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  1. Ketcher521

    SOOO I found a rhd fairlady.

    So What is one of these worth? It is a little rough but it looks solid. No rust though spots. Solid frame. Solid rockers. etc. Needs motor rebuilt. but has a straight body. would clean up pretty well. It is automatic. seems pretty good. Only been setting up for like a year. thoughts? Sorry for the junky pics. Just wanted to talk to guys that actually know Datsuns ... all my friends are Honda or Mopar people. I am the lone datsun person.
  2. Ketcher521

    521 engine swap help

    Ah-ha! I figured it out! this is the rhd interior. Its rougher than it looks.
  3. Ketcher521

    521 engine swap help

    Yeah I would really like to do a deal on both and build up the Tan one. It has been kept under a "garage" for ten years. I am super excited. But I might wait on the 521 for a minute.... I found another car. i need datsun people for thoughts. I will make another post. But Ill tell you guys. I found a Datsun 280z fairlady RHD automatic. It is rough. but not gone. It is a solid body. need motor rebuilt. but not rusted through solid frame. I love it. However. What price wise is this worth. It is an orginal rhd fairlady. I will figure out the picture thing in a second. I am using my mac computer.
  4. Ketcher521

    521 engine swap help

    yeah. It The tan one is the one I would be buying. The green one is another one he has for sale but it is more so a parts truck.
  5. Ketcher521

    521 engine swap help

    I think I have it http://s347.photobucket.com/user/Ketcher_Duke_Montgomery/media/IMG_0124%201_zpsoeg8w1uu.jpg.html?o=18
  6. Ketcher521

    521 engine swap help

    it isn't letting upload a picture. But it is just a basic tan 521. It has virtually no body damage. Super straight. No rust through spots. or really any rust. solid frame. Engine in the bed. Other than that. Clean. 500 bucks. Its a steal in my eyes. I have been looking for the right one for years.
  7. Ketcher521

    521 engine swap help

    First, you guys rock for replying. I test drove the one and i needed new brakes, carb and the ignition broke. The body was a bit rougher than I assumed it was going to be. I have decided to go with this one instead. A lot cheaper and better body. the catch is that the motor is in the bed. But other than that it is a lot better. I am trying to figure out how to upload pics. SUPER NEW TO THIS SITE! I think I would clean up the engine that it has, drop it back in. Drive it as is, while I am upgrade the brakes, suspensions, possible tubbing, and other issues that arise. So when I get to the engine, I can drop it in and not worry about not stopping. It is low key my dream is to put a ka24 into it and drive the mess out of it. I have been searching for one of these guys for like six years so just to find one is amazing. (sorry for my geeking out!)
  8. Ketcher521

    521 engine swap help

    Buying a 1972 Datsun 521. It has the l16. Needs the carb rebuilt and the breaks redone. Other than that seems pretty good and strong. No rust through spots. Or anything. Solid frame. Etc. I would like to do an engine swap. I have been thinking a ka24. But I would like to know other options and opinions. Just a bit more horse power and reliablity would be great. Love some ideas guys! 4)- ms

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