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  1. The parts are stock, pulled the dust cover off and i noticed that the fork was unclipped from the pivot ball. Seems like im not capable of to put it back in place from the dust boot hole so it seems like the gearbox needs to be removed so i can put the fork back in place... :sneaky:
  2. Still struggling with the pressure, there were one day when i had managed to build some pressure after i "bench bleeded" the master cylinder but when i opened the bleeder the pressure was gone...Anyway the noticed the clutch lever and the pin from the slavecylinder arent in line? If you check these images you will notice that this aint looking symmetric at all. Has the lever from the clutch gone in wrong position or something? I tried pulling it and it seems like it pushes the clutchplate but i mean aint the lever supposed to be more "inside" into the gearbox? Do i need to unmount the gearbox and check or is there any chance i can put it back in place from the outside?
  3. Hi, i cant get any pressure to the slave cylinder. Ive tried to do the normal bleeding procedure,pumping the clutch pedal,hold,bleed,close,release. I have repeated this several times but it doesnt seem to get any pressure at all. And yes i have a bottle with brakefluid connected to the bleeder so it doesnt let any air into the system.Can someone give some hints?
  4. Alreadt tried that,i bought from ebay an cable to rhd driven datsun and took the cable from the handle and switched it to the lhd handle but the cable was to short.
  5. Tried to connect the fuel sensor and the fuel gauge started moving, seemed like voltage regulator was working.I started locating any damages on the cable from temp sensor and i found that the pin in the socket was broken.I replaced it and now its working. Thank you for the help Mike :)
  6. If you check all these cables on ebay from Thailand they are actually for RHD cars, idk why though.
  7. The engine bay lamp doesnt work on my datsun. I measured the voltage to the wires connected to the socket and i got about 0.12V (switch not activated). When i searched here in the forum i read that there is a fuse located behind the glovebox,but does this current to this light run through this fuse? And the ground is not the problem.
  8. Where do i find a hood release cable for an lhd driven datsun. All you find on ebay is just for rhd models. :confused:
  9. I cant tell if the fuel gauge is working cause the fuel tank is not mounted on the car right now so the fuel sensor aint connected either.Is it possible that the fuel sensor have to be connected at the same time? And thats why the temp sensor doesnt work?
  10. Thanks for your answer, Turn signals and heater fan is now working, had bought new side marker lights from china and these were just poor grounded and i replaced the resistor on the heater fan so it started working :). But the temp sensor still doesnt seem to repond.I tried to ground the wire to the block but nothing happened. Can you tell me where this voltage regulator is located on the car?
  11. So the picture is just misleading then?
  12. Hi, i just got my hands on a 620 (1500) and i have som few electrical problemes with it so i thought if anyone had any ideas how i'd fix them. Well , the first thing is that the marker light doesnt flash at all but seems atleast like the marker switch is working,second the blower motor in the cabinet also doesnt give any signs of life when you try to start it, and the last is that the engine heat indicator on the dashboard doesnt seem to play along either. I wondered if some these problems could be related to eachother in any way like if they belong to the same ground cable or something...Anyhow i dont reallly know where to start so some hints could be very thankful.
  13. Hi, i wondered is this actually the right way to mount the thermostat as the picture shows? I mean aint it supposed to have the spring side pointing downwards into the engine ? Car: Datsun 1500(620) Engine: J15
  14. yea seems like i have to give up my seeking, i think i will try to restore my old rusty instead or i will g oto some local workshop where they bend pipes :)
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