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  1. Hey folks, some of you may have seen my review of the SR20 swapped 510 a few months ago. After that amazing experience I was itching to get my hands on another Datsun. Finally got to do that a couple of weeks ago and here's the result! Enjoy.
  2. Zygrene

    California Datsuns for Youtube

    Hey everyone! Looking for another Datsun to feature soon. 240Z, 280ZX, 710, 720, or even another 510, doesn't matter. All submissions are welcome. Email me at fentonsun@gmail.com
  3. Zygrene

    Fully Built Datsun 510 - A Labor of Love

    I dunno, but there are 11,000 members in the Ratsun.net group. :o
  4. Zygrene

    Fully Built Datsun 510 - A Labor of Love

    Credit goes to my girlfriend for helping me mold the story. You did a great job expressing your passion for 510's, which made my life easy when editing! By the way, I've requested membership to the Ratsun.net Facebook group but haven't gotten approval in weeks. If any of y'all are on there, would you mind sharing the video link? :)
  5. Zygrene

    California Datsuns for Youtube

    First video is out! http://community.ratsun.net/topic/69978-fully-built-datsun-510-a-labor-of-love/
  6. Datsun enthusiasts! Check out my latest feature on a very special 510 with an incredible back story.
  7. Zygrene

    California Datsuns for Youtube

    Not sure what exactly happened in that situation several years back, but Farah is really a very approachable and friendly guy in person. He loves to shoot the shit, so to speak, about cars and other random topics. He's respectful of all the cars and owners he features in his videos. And his general knowledge of cars is impressive, in a way that most specialized one-make/model enthusiasts usually aren't. I'm not trying to defend him for any personal reason, just sharing what I've seen from watching his videos for years and meeting him in person. :)
  8. Zygrene

    California Datsuns for Youtube

    Thanks guys, I'll give the Ratsun.net Facebook group a try
  9. Hi all, My name is Fenton, and I'm a NorCal-based automotive YouTuber (Zygrene) and car enthusiast. I film all sorts of enthusiast-owned cars ranging from Japanese to Euro to American. Over the past several months, my channel has grown from a handful of subscribers to over 5000. I've had great success from posting on various NorCal car forums to help expand my channel's content. Some of you might have seen Matt Farah's recent One Take on my NSX, which brought me some much needed and appreciated exposure: [video=youtube;0stFJUiBsts] Here are some examples of my recent work: If any Datsun owners in the Bay Area (or willing to make the trip) are interested in being featured on my channel, let me know! Doesn't matter if it's bone stock or a rusted out, 2JZ swapped Rat Rod. All submissions are welcome. If interested, you can either reply to this post or email me at fentonsun@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from yall. :) -Fenton

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