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  1. woodside4032

    Happy 510 Day!

    Yes I love 510 day
  2. woodside4032

    Happy Holidays!

    Nice Sled :cool:
  3. woodside4032

    1973 Vtech Mini(son's)

    Thanks thought so. :fu:spam
  4. woodside4032

    1973 Vtech Mini(son's)

    What :confused:
  5. I'll be there down on the floor, and at Metallica on Thursday :D
  6. woodside4032

    1973 Vtech Mini(son's)

    My son is still saving money and gathering parts so he can get this project out of it's current stall. Eight Ball is a staple when working on car's If you ever get a chance to get in a Mini you will be suprised on how roomy they can be :eek:. As well as mounting the seat back about 2 inches. Thanks for the compliment on the build. Yeah he has pretty good taste in music. Definitely a fellow head banger.
  7. woodside4032

    I'm a new dad!

    Congratulations kids are the best too bad they grow up so fast.
  8. That is possibly the best idea ever.:thumbsup:
  9. woodside4032

    a warning about the movie Paranormal activity...

    Thanks Moi now I must watch
  10. woodside4032

    How to: Roll like Californians

    I live at joes sushi :D
  11. woodside4032

    74' 610 $1250 so. cal.

    That's not cool someone should save this one it's pretty damn clean.
  12. woodside4032

    2010 land rover....

    That is some trick ish
  13. woodside4032

    What do you guys think...

    If it is in decent shape the 521 is way cooler. IMHO that is.
  14. woodside4032

    Largest Dead snake found

    I saw that one comming. Friggin hilarious.:lol::lol:

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