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    67 411 sedan, 97sentra(lol), 90 f250 xlt lariat ext cab
  1. Why you think I'm talking bout you. Other people got things
  2. One of the grow shop vendors hooked up charcoal filters to the portapotties it was amazing
  3. Vodka? Pleasure? Whoah man. Irish whiskey is the life for me
  4. No Pokemon anarchists punks real hippies and the random good ole boys
  5. I go there to get fycked up and talk shit to hippies.they are mostly far from fresh out of garage. Some of the most badass bands I have seen I found out about there
  6. I got a backpack for a hummingbird you just gotta strap that shit on and give it some dog biscuits it will be trained in no time. All the doorman folk have trained hummingbirds
  7. I usually don't know any of the band's either but 60% are alright. It's shit tons of fun though
  8. I hear they got that shit at most stores. It even comes in 24 packs
  9. Music festivals gravel parking only in lot highway till then around 4k people. Camping in woods and grass feild no speed bumps I don't take pics but there are a shitload online
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