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    69 datsun 510 4 dr sr20det . 92 civic hatch k24 swap
  1. The wheels do spin freely . The lip of the rim is not touching btw
  2. Thank you guys for all the input! Srry crazy day. I'll try and respond tomorrow lol
  3. The wheels came with the car so I have no idea what offset they are. Is there away to determine what offset they are? and they're in great condition so I Don't want to have to get new wheels if possible. Downloading photobuckt app now.
  4. Hi guys . So my front wheels are interfering with suspension. Trying to figure out how to post pics. I believe the wheels are 15x7 . The tires are 195/45r15. Stock 510 brakes. Do I need spacers or something? I'm assuming this is a common problem
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