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  1. Diagram for sss coupe http://imgur.com/gallery/1Z6wgpd
  2. So found out the sss wiring is slightly different from usa models
  3. Hello I've been mostly a lurker but finally working on my coupe i got from japan. Im having trouble recognizing this tach. I've searched the regular diagrams but there seems to be different connectors from the harness. It is a L16 with pertronix conversion and 3 ohm coil
  4. Got it fixed!! Turns out the heat from the exhaust melted part of the tailight wiring. Made new connections and rerouted them and works all good. Thanks for the help
  5. Checked the grounds they are good. Does the 1969 wagon have a reverse light relay? I didnt have one on the back of the passenger strut tower
  6. Oh I also have the horn and brake lights working
  7. Hello again so I got the problem sorted out, now my reverse light works "sometimes" I have continuity on all electrical connections. Could it be the switch on the trans that's bad? When going into reverse on the ON position the dome light and dash light go dimmer but no reverse light. Checked the bulbs and fuses they are all good also
  8. I have a 1969 510 wagon and my problem is when I signal left both the reverse lights blink with it at the same time. When signalling right the reverse light do not blink. Any clue what I could check?
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