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  1. Im installing a 79 620 harness in a 70 521.lf you asking why? I took the front clip off the 79 (ball joints, and discs)along with the 20lb.master cylinder so with electronic ignition now l figured put the harness in too. I need the wiring diagram for the 79 so i can conect the correct wires to tve 521 multi pin plug at the back of the insterment cluster.l posted the request 1 mo ago and some how someone or something delieted it . now i have enough problems with computers as it is .lije the dam photobucket bullshit . lve been a member here for well over 5 yrs and i never post anything because its a pain in the ass . maybe someone can help me with that too.
  2. Ive grafted a 78 frnt clip onto 521 chassis along with the L20 b and need a wiring diagram to assist me in switching the wiring harness out of the 620 also .
  3. I find this site rather informative and just plain cool.But I don't get the photobucket issue in order to view pics. I know a lot of you are probably saying what planet is this guy from? Ive gone to photobucket and got a account started and I still cant seam to make them jive together . Fuck i dont know bout ready to bag it.
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