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  1. yes we have had the motor and tranny out. the flywheel and the pressure plate looked good all normal looking. but the clutch in one area had a little rust milky residue on it and the springs in the clutch move around very easy. like you can shake the clutch and hear most of the springs moving. and this just got me thinking is that my problem a bad clutch???
  2. yeah we still havent figured it out so were. going to pull the rear end out of the car and check the internals. will let you guys know what we find
  3. the tires are perfect. the problem never moved. i also found something interesting out. when i got the u joints for the 411 they where to small. i took it back and took the old one with me. the guy helped me match it up and found out the u joints that fit it was out of a 521 truck. and i checked the diff and its aluminum. the parts guy who is also into datsun said it sound like i got the whole running gear from a 521. it is a j15 motor so it might be possible. thoughts
  4. now ive seen some cars use a rear brace right above the diff to prevent such vibration. does anyone have a picture of there rear end so i can compare to mine, to make shure someone didnt change anything before we got it
  5. got the u joints put in today still does it :mad: i did take it for a short drive i can hear a slite whinning in the diff. we changed the oil in the diff a couple of weeks ago. checked it today it has now a rusty tinge to it. witch tells me time for rebuild or a new one.
  6. The entire front end and linkages are all greased the tires are brand new we just put them on. I didn't make myself clear on the first post. The car shakes only when I go to take off. Right now I'm replacing the u joints in the drive shaft I have put all new bushing I the rear new shocks also put in the leaf spring supports. The car drives smooth when I'm rolling and shifting its just when I take off it shakes. Sometimes a little sometimes violent. Any input on this thanks
  7. i have a problem with differential shaking and slightly clunking there is no slop in drive line u joints. if anyone can help me i would greatfully appreciate it thanks
  8. yes that is correct MikeRL411 on also the front one two.
  9. ok so i need to find rear leaf spring bushings for the 411 does anyone know were i can find them thanks for any ideas and imput
  10. j&n's411

    hi everyone

    Just working on body work. Notice the car needs new front shocks can easily bounce the front end up and down way to soft. Does anyone know what shocks I need and if you do have the part number thanks
  11. j&n's411

    hi everyone

    yeah I'm 25 but the car is my dads he has always loved the old cars that's what I grew up on so that's what I love too
  12. j&n's411

    hi everyone

    Thanks for the comments you guys. Really appreciate it
  13. j&n's411

    hi everyone

    http://s1376.photobucket.com/user/Chevyluvvw/media/D9A21D69-3410-4FD7-A25E-EF3B0382EB47_zpsjr8izukv.mp4.html she is driving
  14. j&n's411

    hi everyone

    took care of that today with my dad. the old grease wasn't bad but took a bit of pressure like you said to get the old stuff out. greased the whole front up turns like butter now. will get more photo's soon but work this week will be busy for me
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