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  1. Who's gonna be at blue lake?
  2. Thanks guy yes the drivline was the issue...I knew it was but it was its virgin drive and I couldn't help my self..driveline was very quickly welded up for loading and unloading only no speed..well oops I couldn't resist..new nice 2 piece now and trans ..need to regear tear end..short logged tops out bout 40 mph..any ideas?
  3. No lol it's got a 5 bolt c4 now not the expoded 2 speed like from this video ..yes did come out in mustang's also..I pulled this one from great runner driver falcon for a whopping $200 few years ago when this all started..figured it was a great platform for any hyped up 289/ 302 sometime in the future..was a great cheap trial for all mockup and into to putting it in road
  4. Came out of a 64 falcon..
  5. early 1964 ford small block 260cu and c4
  6. its not done yet lol..yes more plans..more loose ends to tie up
  7. ill be at BLUE LAKE SHOW ..hope to see you all there
  8. tunnel at first glance
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