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  1. Datmoon

    76 620 kc brake problems

    Apologies. It was uncalled for.
  2. Datmoon

    510 Artwork on Ratsun.net

    Didn't search the topic I'll admit. But hey, delete the thread if it is annoying anyone.
  3. I was wondering why there is only a 510 drawing on the Ratsun page. Anyone else think other Datsuns should be represented? I think it would be cool to line them up with the front ends kind of cascading across the main banner.
  4. Datmoon

    76 620 kc brake problems

    My original comment was negative, so I removed it. Good luck Zhetto, hopefully that connector works out.
  5. Datmoon

    76 620 kc brake problems

    Ah, I see. I think this part comes with the wheel cylinder assembly, when you buy it new. Front Right - Rear -
  6. Datmoon

    76 620 kc brake problems

    Welcome! I'm new too. I've had success using Rock Auto for parts. Here is a link for those bleeders. If you need them sooner, I'd get a part number off Rock Auto and call your local part stores. Brake bleeders are on most cars so it shouldn't be hard to find. Good luck. . As far as pics go, many people use photobucket, or imgur, etc. Once you upload a pic to one of those hosting sites, they'll give you a url to be able to paste into the comment editor here. Hope that helps. Cheers.
  7. Datmoon

    620 owners roll call

    Thank y'all for the likes.. I like all the different directions people take with their mods. Some lifted, some dirt nasty low...haha. The response to this truck has been unbelievable. Bought my 77 two weeks ago and I've already had three offers for it. The best was this construction worker yelling out "You wanna sell your truck?! I've been looking for one like that!", as I drove by. Classic. :thumbup:
  8. Datmoon

    620 owners roll call

    1977 620 L20B Tucson, AZ Just bought her last weekend... When I went to check it out, it started but didn't stay running. I bought it anyways, lol. Engine had been rebuilt 6000mi earlier, supposedly. Changed out the starter (Old one wouldn't always engage) in the guy's driveway while my mechanic friend adjusted the float tab to get fuel into enough fuel into the bowl and added a pressure regulator for the aftermarket electric fuel pump. Been running well since then. Changed the plugs, oil, trans and diff fluid, coolant and drive belt. Oh and replaced the fuses. Just keeps improving. This weekend got the timing done, found out the distributor/oil pump was installed incorrectly. Was still able to advance the timing 12 degrees to spec. She's purring nicely now.

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