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    Hey guys, I printed a bunch of 720 sun visor clips a while back and am still sitting on a few sets. I've been told these may fit other Datsuns/Nissans as well, but I can't say for sure. Cost is $10 per pair, shipped inside the US. If you're interested, shoot a paypal payment to terrydeancain @ gmail.com and I'll get them in the mail as soon as possible. Any questions? PM me or shoot me an email to the same address. BLACK only for now, if you want another color, let me know and maybe I can print some more. Thanks!


    Coquille, Oregon - US

  2. tdc

    sun visor clips

    shoot me a pm, or email me at terrydeancain @ gmail.com!
  3. got the plugs printed and they work super well. not sure if i'm going to sand them to remove the print lines or not, they're really not as obvious as the pictures make them seem and i'm kinda lazy about stuff like that haha. i still think i might take my calipers out to the truck and make new plugs that fill in those whole spaces so there's not big gaps around them. i could even probably make a single plug to span both holes and make it look like one solid piece right there. hmmmmm
  4. yeah i wouldn't even bother replacing it, especially since you'll be running an intercooler up there haha
  5. for your grill situation, you have the wrong lower valance for an 81, it should go up and meet the bottom of the grill. i don't have a picture of my 81 without the front bumper, but you can see here what i mean
  6. thanks! next time i'm out at my parts 720 i'll grab the glove box door so i can pull the knob out. it might be a bit complex for my little machine, but then again it may not be at all. i modeled the small plug, but haven't printed it yet. i'll post up once i have them both printed to where i'm happy with them. i'm also thinking about doing a set that fills in the area the plugs go completely, as with the stock ones there's a gap around them. i feel like it might look nicer without that gap. nice, i'll have a look at it. i tend to stick to one sub forum really, but i should probably branch out some haha. that's not a bad idea! i think i should be able to print up a proper clasp, though it will have to be of my own design since i don't have the original. eventually i want to replace the back window with a non-sliding glass window, but in the meantime i really should work something out a bit better than a ziptie haha. and thanks!
  7. as i'm sure a lot of you have seen, i recently-ish made myself and some of you some sun visor clips (as seen here). there's a few other parts around the inside of my truck that could use replacing, so i've set out to print what i can. first thing i'm replacing is the two dash plugs on the left side of the steering column. someone had drilled a hole in the smaller one, i assume for a switch, and cut a slot into the longer one (and the dash it self :mad:). i modeled up the long one so far and printed a test print last night. it came out nice and works perfectly! the only thing i've changed since the first print is that i've rounded the corners. i neglected to do that originally. i'll get the file on thingiverse for anyone who wants it once i've printed out the latest version and verified everything's cool, then i'll be doing the smaller plug next to it. just like with the sunvisor clips, i'm happy to print some out for anyone who needs them and doesn't have access to a printer themselves! if there's interest, i'll figure out a cost and make a post in the classifieds. are there any other parts you guys would like to see made? i think one of the things on my short list is a rear sliding window clasp, mine's been missing since i got the truck and i've been keep them closed with a ziptie haha :sweat:
  8. tdc

    sun visor clips

    glad to hear you like them! thanks for the picture! i have a tevo tarantula that i've been steadily modifying as the months go by. it's been great to me so far!
  9. tdc

    sun visor clips

    thanks to those of you who have ordered some! they are going out tomorrow and here they are in white!
  10. tdc

    sun visor clips

    so the first batch is finished and they didn't come out as nice as my first prints did. i think it's probably because i printed 12 (6 pair) at once, and since my printer's not exactly the best machine on the market, it might have been a bit much for it. these are totally 100% useable, especially if you're planning on sanding them to get rid of the printer lines and glossy sheen, but i do plan to print some in a smaller batch to see how that goes. i've also got upgrade parts for my printer sitting on my desk that i need to install, so the quality may get even better still. that said, i have 7 pairs ready to go if anyone wants them (the extra set are a couple test prints that came out good)! - this link will take you to the ad
  11. tdc

    sun visor clips

    the petg showed up today, i wasn't able to get grey, but i got black and white. test printing a single clip in the black right now, if it comes out nice i'll get a bunch printing tomorrow while i'm at work and set up a thing in the classifieds.
  12. tdc

    sun visor clips

    i'm just waiting till thursday (payday) to order up some black and/or grey filament and then i should be able to start popping them out for people. looking at maybe a week? if anyone wants red or aqua i can do a set now as those are the only colors i have in petg at the moment, but i'll get normal colors on the way as soon as possible. petg has a pretty high melting point, i run my printer at 480ish fahrenheit to print with it, haha. it's great for interior parts!
  13. tdc

    sun visor clips

    so my slicer software (the program that takes my 3d model and turns it into tool paths for the printer) tells me each clip is roughly $.50 worth of material. would $10 shipped for a pair in the continental us be fair? they do take a little manual labor to remove the support plastic from the finished prints, and i'd have to buy the envelope to ship them in and stuff. anyway, i feel dirty talking about this in the general 720 forum. anyone who can use that file, enjoy! i'll make a post in the classifieds once i have stuff worked out and see if there's any interest. or slide into my dms if you for sure want a set. it might take a week or so if you want something other than the red i'm using, however, as i'll have to order up some other filament.
  14. tdc

    sun visor clips

    right now the only color i have in petg is translucent red, but if there's interest in can totally pick up some black or grey or whatever. also petg is totally sand and paintable. i'm just running the red ones for now i'll have to figure out the price once i get home from work tonight. i wasn't really looking to sell them, but rather share the file for anyone who wanted it, but id be happy to make some for you guys.
  15. tdc

    sun visor clips

    hey guys, it's been a minute. still daily driving my $150 720 and still loving it! anyway, the point of this post was both of my sunvisor clips broke this winter, which is a pain in the butt. rather than deal with used ones out of an equally old truck, just as likely to break as mine were, i decided to redesign them a bit and 3d print them. they turned out great! the one picture is printed in pla, which isn't ideal for car interiors as it gets too hot inside during most summer days, but i've reprinted them in petg which is totally up to the task. anyway, i've thrown the file on thingiverse if anyone else has access to a printer and would like to make their own, or i'd be happy to print you off a set too for the cost of material and shipping if you need some and don't have printer access, just hit me up! here's the thingiverse link to it - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2835620
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