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  1. I should have got there earlier then! I brought some wheels to sell but didn't want to go for he swap meet cuz a lot of people left already
  2. I got there a little late, around 1pm and a lot of people had left. I know Carlos with the ka24de 521. I saw him at the show.
  3. @racerx I was just at the datslocos meet this past weekend. Sadly without my truck
  4. I can't find a way to post pics in the thread via my phone.I don't forum as much as I used to.
  5. Hey how's it going Ratsun people! Just got my first Datsun via trade. Going to make it into a nice little parts getter/shop truck. Pretty sure one of the previous owners was a member on this site since it has a Ratsun sticker on the rear window. Any info on this truck is appreciated. 1973 620 truck(originally red/orange) L16 engine Disc brakes up front(looks like beebani) 3" blocks in the rear Plans: Ka24de Ball joint front suspension Paint Flares Wheels
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