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  1. I'm looking for the front floor pans. I'm in Florida and i can't find any....i need help finding them.
  2. 1 have a 1980 210 that I'm trying to upgrade the front caliper. i ended up getting a 1977 280z strut with a 1988 Toyota caliper that lines up well and universal strut camber plate. my tire sticks out a little. is there a way to move to tire in more ? or to i have to get adjustable control arm and adjustable tension rod ? i tried to find the 280zx i cant find any here in Florida and i have checked all the way to Texas.
  3. the PO changed the rear end. here in Florida its hard to find 510
  4. im looking to change the front hub from 4 lug to 5 lug
  5. Im putting a 7.5 rear end from a blazer and thats a 5x120 pattern
  6. this is what it looks like
  7. it has a ford 8.8 rear end 4 lug that was chapped and they welded the studs on very badly . i,m replacing it with a 7.5 5 lug 5x120. that's why i want to change the front to a 5 lug .
  8. boricua168

    5 lug conversion

    hi everyone, i'm new here and i have a question. i have a 1980 210, im trying to do a 5 lug conversion in the front i dont know what hub would work. can anyone give me a hand on this please.
  9. boricua168

    parts wanted

    yes its the original color .....i just got it a month ago all set up i havent enjoyed it i just found out the head gasket is gone......im looking to put a sr20 or a rb25 or just stay with the ka20....the rear is a mustang 8.8
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