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  1. RiggetyWrecked

    It's Time to Get Schwifty (280ZX+L67=380ZX)

    How do I change the title?
  2. RiggetyWrecked

    It's Time to Get Schwifty (280ZX+L67=380ZX)

    Sorry for the lack of updates lately. The swap is still coming along. Going to make a new thread to reflect the change of platform.
  3. RiggetyWrecked

    It's Time to Get Schwifty (280ZX+L67=380ZX)

    Yeah it's a really common thing for Fiero guys. I am hanging on to the 2+2. Not sure what will become of it, but I know I want it back on the road at some point. I'm fortunate enough be be renting a place where having a couple cars in the yard is not a big deal, but the winds of change heed no man and I don't consider it a permanent residence, so I try to keep from laying roots down too deep. I learned that lesson after almost being evicted from a former apartment for attempting to complete an engine swap in a MR2 in the parkinglot. lmao
  4. RiggetyWrecked

    It's Time to Get Schwifty (280ZX+L67=380ZX)

    Got the ZX home. The swap is coming along... had to notch the front of the oil pan to clear the rack. Building motor mounts right now. Going to go with stock Camaro exhaust manis for the time being, then likely make some custom equal length headers after I get the thing running. Have some oics: http://i1245.photobucket.com/albums/gg583/ianbrusso/Mobile%20Uploads/20160618_215725_zpsn1qik71g.jpg http://i1245.photobucket.com/albums/gg583/ianbrusso/Mobile%20Uploads/20160618_215804_zpshcuhtped.jpg http://i1245.photobucket.com/albums/gg583/ianbrusso/Mobile%20Uploads/20160622_123651_zpsgau0dgaj.jpg http://i1245.photobucket.com/albums/gg583/ianbrusso/Mobile%20Uploads/20160623_144120_zpsovgczwd9.jpg
  5. RiggetyWrecked

    It's Time to Get Schwifty (280ZX+L67=380ZX)

    Hey guys, quick update. I'm switching to a ZX platform. I found a roller in good shape with almost no rust for less than it would have cost me to fix the Z chassis. Picking it up this Saturday. Oics to come.
  6. RiggetyWrecked

    It's Time to Get Schwifty (280ZX+L67=380ZX)

    The Z as I got it (Duck tape quarter window FTW!) This is going to be tricky... Front right rocker rust Flintstone floors L67 and AX15
  7. RiggetyWrecked

    It's Time to Get Schwifty (280ZX+L67=380ZX)

    Pics are on the way shortly. Posting from my phone atm, and Photobucket seems determined to give it some sort of virus. Going to try again from my work computer in a minute. I'm an adult, I swear. And yeah, rust is the devil.
  8. Greetings, newbie here. Wanted to share what I'm doing with my 280Z 2+2. About a year ago I picked this thing up on a whim. Never got the L28 to run and gave up before I made any real investment in it, because my buddy was wanting to unload a Buick/Pontiac L67 (3.8l supercharged V6) -- which he had planned to put in a Fiero, but lost interest/funding/motivation/whatever. Anyway, I thought it would be a cool project to put it in my Z, so that's what I'm doing. Transmission is a Dodge AX15 out of a 4cyl Dakota. Incidentally Dodge borrowed the Iron Duke from GM to use in the Dakotas and Wranglers, so the bellhousing pattern is already a direct match for the GM V6. The box itself is also the same architecture as the Toyota 154, so if the AX15 turns out to not be up to the task, I can swap in a Supra or Taco box with minimal modification. I already built a custom wiring harness for the engine to run the stock PCM standalone. Fired right up without any major hiccups, which was nice. Right now I'm taking care of rust and doing some structural bracing before I drop in the L67. I've heard horror stories of doors not shutting after throwing power at stock frames, so I'm making custom subframe connectors, new floor pans (mine were 100% Flintstone'd when I got it), rocker to strut tower braces and triangulated tower to tower supports. Hopefully that will do the trick. Here's some preliminary pics. Forgive me if they don't work right the first time -- I've never been big on posting to forums. Any questions or criticisms are welcome. Cheers, Ian P.S. Any other Datsun guys or gals near Raleigh?

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