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  1. Thoughts??? on a 1978 Datsun 510 4 door for 6,800$ or OBO. I kinda wanted a 510 but is it worth it I think it’s awesome. https://classiccars.com/listings/view/1442448/1978-datsun-510-for-sale-in-burlingame-california-94010
  2. @yenpit yeah I’ve noticed that it’s hard finding parts but I feel like it’s that way on most of the Datsun’s.
  3. Thanks everyone who’s been helping. Lol @datzenmike and @yenpit
  4. Does anyone have a 76 710 flex plate?
  5. I just want my Datsun to get fixed 😭
  6. What’s a MR2 and where can I find one ?
  7. @datzenmike so if I was ordering for rockauto what strut insert should I order. I tired looking up the number you provided from the spring perch but all I find is struts mounts for a newer infinity.
  8. @yenpit yeah I’m at a loss for the suspension at this point not one mechanic around town wants to work on my car. I’m sure if I brought them the insert then they would probably consider working on it. If I had the correct workspace and tools, I probably would try to take it on myself.
  9. @datzenmike I’d appreciate if you could find the measurement that would be cool, I’m having issues with getting the front suspension worked on no one wants to work on it that I call up. I’m tempted to try the original method that you mentioned about replacing the oil with motorcycle fork oil.I also found that option in the cars manual. But if I could just get my hands on the correct inserts I’d rather go with that. This has been the hardest of all things trying to get it done .
  10. @datzenmike Hey i was wondering I’m looking into redoing my suspension on my 710 wagon. I was wondering if I could use the strut insert from Rock auto?
  11. Hello @datzenmike do you have any clue how I can replace my heater core in my 76 710. The core has a leak so I had it by passed. The core is not visible and in the box unit .
  12. @datzenmike I just bought the 15w40 Rotella T4 is it meant for Diesel engines and gas ? I’m gonna do a oil change today.
  13. I bought my 76 datsun from a older man in YuCampa,CA and he drove it free way miles from work and back for 15 plus years 40miles a day . and he said that he had it running on a 160 because he heard a knock in the engine sonthat why he decided to put and 160. Now thought I know that it’s not good to run the car at a colder temperature I won’t do it. I’ve noticed it runs fine at the normal temperature, I just need to get that 160 thermostat out and replace it with a 180. The man said only to put 20w 50 in it I don’t know why but I still do . I’ve had the car for two year now I’m the 3rd owne
  14. Thanks mike I definitely have hope whenever I decide to do work on this project that I can make it work without leaking . I also have a different question do I have 1976 datsun 710 wagon 4 door 4 cylinder Manual transmission original carburetor. What should be my temperature ? I use 20w 50 convention Motor oil. The guy I bought it from said he ran the car on 160 degrees and it’s not running at that anymore so I’m assuming I need to replace the thermostat but I’m wondering what temperature is the best 160,170,180? @datzenmike
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