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  1. Hello @datzenmike do you have any clue how I can replace my heater core in my 76 710. The core has a leak so I had it by passed. The core is not visible and in the box unit .
  2. @datzenmike I just bought the 15w40 Rotella T4 is it meant for Diesel engines and gas ? I’m gonna do a oil change today.
  3. I bought my 76 datsun from a older man in YuCampa,CA and he drove it free way miles from work and back for 15 plus years 40miles a day . and he said that he had it running on a 160 because he heard a knock in the engine sonthat why he decided to put and 160. Now thought I know that it’s not good to run the car at a colder temperature I won’t do it. I’ve noticed it runs fine at the normal temperature, I just need to get that 160 thermostat out and replace it with a 180. The man said only to put 20w 50 in it I don’t know why but I still do . I’ve had the car for two year now I’m the 3rd owner. So far I’ve only had minor issues like fuel pump, clutch slave cylinder and just got the radiator replaced . It was running on 160 until the thermostat failed it runs forsure on 180 now on regular road and 160 on the freeway . I haven’t had time to replace the thermostat but I plan to before I go to Vegas in the 3rd of July . I haven’t had any problems like hearing engine knocks . I live in the South Bay of California and I drive my datsun to Vegas once in a blue moon but I will be making my 5th trip soon . Thank god Datsuns are reliable @datzenmike
  4. Thanks mike I definitely have hope whenever I decide to do work on this project that I can make it work without leaking . I also have a different question do I have 1976 datsun 710 wagon 4 door 4 cylinder Manual transmission original carburetor. What should be my temperature ? I use 20w 50 convention Motor oil. The guy I bought it from said he ran the car on 160 degrees and it’s not running at that anymore so I’m assuming I need to replace the thermostat but I’m wondering what temperature is the best 160,170,180? @datzenmike
  5. @datzenmike I asked my mechanic about draining the fluid for me and refilling it but he doubted me and said hes tried that before and it ends up leaking. If you can please send me a link on the Cartridge/inserts or a suggestions on how I can stop it from leaking when replacing oil. Thanks
  6. Hey How did the swap go on the 710? @DatsSully I haven't done anything yet to my suspension.
  7. Hi I have a 1976 datsun 710 wagon 4 speed Manual transmission What kind of gear oil should I use ?
  8. I’m going to try and work on them sometime soon I have the fork oil already. How much are the cartridge? Whitch is better ?@datzenmike
  9. I’m wondering if I should go with KYB shocks ? Also the front end are struts they need to be redone I’ve heard of changing out at cartridge ?
  10. Hello I'm trying to figure out what can i do about finding a match or rebuilding the struts I have if that even possible . It's been tough to find any new ones and I called so many places and still no luck. If anyone can give me some suggestions. Thanks
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