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  1. Spamaho

    Rear main seal situation. Looking for help.

    Update ..... I know it's been a min. I wanted to put some Milesian the truck & on the rear mail seal & just wanted to update y'all. It's not leaking and it's doing great . Thanks for the help & the quick replies.
  2. Spamaho

    Rear main seal situation. Looking for help.

    Ok thanks
  3. Spamaho

    Rear main seal situation. Looking for help.

    Yes the rear main seal was pushed out of the top lol. I already removed it and it had a giant tear in it. I just wanted to make to sure that those didn't need to be replaced before putting it back together
  4. Hey all I have a 79 Datsun 620 with the 2.0 liter LB 4 cylinder with the automatic transmission. I am currently in the process of pulling the transmission and replacing the rear main seal. The question I have is what would happen if I didn't replace the rear main cap side seals (some people call them oil curtains if I am not mistaken)? The reason I am asking is I don't want to take the rear main cap off and risk messing the rod bearing up. Hopefully you guys can help out.

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