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  1. FunkyFresh520

    Dat Funky 510 Build

    Where the pics at? Its been 3 weeks already
  2. FunkyFresh520

    1967 Datsun 520 Project

    Wat type of work u do bro? Thanx for the pics just wat i needed
  3. FunkyFresh520

    1967 Datsun 520 Project

    The ebrake part is covering wat i actually have to see bro my bad
  4. FunkyFresh520

    1967 Datsun 520 Project

    Nice bro
  5. FunkyFresh520

    1967 Datsun 520 Project

    Wow thats a steal bro for the condition its in
  6. FunkyFresh520

    1967 Datsun 520 Project

    Wow im jealous i wish mine were that clean.. Good thing im a painter
  7. FunkyFresh520

    How much backspace for my 520?

    How much backspace do i need for my truck especially the back so it doesnt rub on the frame?
  8. FunkyFresh520

    720 Belltech Leaf Springs ?

    Yea thats why i started this post.. ive actually seen on ratsun someone put 720 4x4 springs on a 521 and it did drop the car.. but ill see if i can find some on the classifieds.. if not im goin with the second link i posted
  9. FunkyFresh520

    720 Belltech Leaf Springs ?

    I guess i didnt look hard enough on the classifieds.. but the 2nd link i posted specifically says for 4x4 720 those could be better choice?
  10. FunkyFresh520

    720 Belltech Leaf Springs ?

    I got a 520 that im trying to lower/ upgrade my leaf springs. I was gonna go with 4x4 720 springs but i cant find none. So im looking to see if anybody has tried these on a 620 or older. I want to know ride quality and if it goes lower. Thanks
  11. FunkyFresh520

    My Project 520

    Its funny cuz i live by there but i dont have time to be going cuz work
  12. FunkyFresh520

    My Project 520

    I want the 4x4 720s tho because of the drop they give you
  13. FunkyFresh520

    My Project 520

    Still lookn for 4x4 springs
  14. FunkyFresh520

    520 Build update

    You might wana invest in a car cover, that cover will scratch the paint and u dnt want that. Good luckn truck bro
  15. FunkyFresh520

    Throttle cable stuck?

    Im confused bro im sorry hhaha

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