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  1. Thanks to Rag10 the goon is running again. Turned out to be a bad distributor. Brand new reman unit defective right out of the box. Pissed I Spent months troubleshooting it but stoked it’s running again.
  2. Thanks Mike I will doublecheck everything this weekend and post my findings.
  3. Hi all, I’m stumped and could use your help. I am having a hell of a time figuring out the timing on my L20b. First the specs. L20b with electronic dizzy. Dizzy is for a 79 620 and is new. New timing chain set. Timing set was installed using the #2 position. Lined up the v notch on the cam sprocket and installed chain making sure the bright links are on the the #2 dimple on the cam and on the crank sprocket dimple. The distributor shaft is at the 11:28 position as expected with the skinny side toward the radiator. First question. When the notch on the cam sprocket is centered
  4. Hi Ratsun Anyone ever rewired their car with an American Autowire kit? I have purchased and installed the Power Plus 20 kit. I am down to the last few connections and I could use a little help. I am trying to wire the steering column and am just not sure what goes where. Below is the description of the wires in the kit that correspond to the steering column. Black Horn Relay Ground Horn button ground to the horn relay trigger Light Blue Left Front Turn Feeds the left front turn lamp bulb high filament and the left turn dash indicator lamp
  5. Selling my second wagon. Need it gone asap. Its taking up space at a friends house and he would like the space back. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/cto/d/1972-datsun-510-wagon/6231562298.html
  6. Thanks for the compliments! Yeah I am a terrible speller. No the scoop isn't needed or functional. I've already removed it. The hood is totally destroyed though. Hinge mount area is gone along with the hood latch. I'm running without a hood until I can get a replacement. I kinda like the rattle can ratsun look as it is. I'm pretty happy with the stance and the shoes but I need to get the rear fenders rolled. I have installed a set of air shocks to help with that also. I'll have to pick one of those up. Thanks for the tip. And now for some pics. Hood scoop gone Passenger s
  7. I'm in Rohnert Park. I can meet up with you somewhere along the 101.
  8. Anyone from the North Bay/Sonoma county area caravaning? I would love to meet up with some locals. My wagon is not running well enough to make the trip yet but I wont let that stop me from going.
  9. Here's my 72 wagon when I picked it up from the PO. L20B with a Weber 32/36 and a dogleg 5 speed.
  10. Ha, I didn't even notice the misspelling. I seriously sat here for like 5 minutes saying to myself, what misspelling...... No shots of the interior at this time but I will snap some the next time I am there. It's an L20B with a Webber 32/36. The core support is seriously mangled. You can see it in this pic.
  11. Hi Ratsun Long time lurker hear. I've been wanting a Datsun for a couple years now but either couldn't afford it or had no place to keep it. About 6 months ago the planets finally aligned and I had both the means and space for a project so I started the search. April 21 2016 10pm Me and a buddy borrowed a truck from a friend and hit the road headed for Las Angeles, about 7 hours from home. April 22 2016 11am Arrived at the sellers house to pick up my new Datsun! She's a bit rough but I was looking for a Ratsun/project. Loaded her up and hit the road for home.
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