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  1. I am just getting into 910's and come from the oldschool corolla world. I know these have front inserts Macpherson strut suspension. I am wanting to barely tuck tire (0 finger gap) and want to run a good amount stiffer spring rates. What rates are you guys running at this ride height? Also is cutting the strut tube and fitting a shorter shock insert the way to go? If so, how much strut casing do I cut and what shock insert works best? Also, is there a ground control coilover spring/sleeve for these 910's or one from another car that fits these? The car is going to be my daily and honestly don't really need coilovers but imo is the easiest best bang for buck. No I don't want to cut stock springs to go lower. I am wanting a quality setup. Also what camber plates fit these?

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