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  1. zeke5551

    Too many 320NLs

    Both of my trucks are red, one started out white, so they couldn't have been Stoffregen's old truck. I took some pictures, but cannot figure out how to post them....any clues?
  2. zeke5551

    Too many 320NLs

    Yup, very nice tail lites, great floor boards, good title on ca non-op, bumpers and inside bed a little rough. I will bring all the loose parts together. I will include the stock motor/trans and a good A14 core. The only real thing missing is the side molding and bench seat. I'll get some picks together, but it will take me a week or so. I'm thinking a firm $2,500? I know what you mean about seeing NLs in Craigslist for months. I live in the Fresno, CA area...pretty much a desert, so if I don't sell it, it will get covered up and stored. I have bought many no rust projects down here. It's usually worth the drive from Oregon or Washington. Anyways, I'll keep you guys posted, thanks Zeke
  3. zeke5551

    Too many 320NLs

    Just wanted to get some input. I just picked up my second 64 320NL yesterday and was wondering what to do with the left over one. I definitely do not want to build both of them. They are both pretty solid central California cars, needing very little rust repair or body work. I plan on using a B210 A14 engine or a Suzuki Sidekick 1600 engine with a 5 speed. I have both and they're both in run as condition. The only I would prefer to run the A14, but cannot find a 5 speed. My question has to do with the second one. I have enough original parts to put together an totally original NL or I have a couple buildible A14s and an automatic trans. My question is where is the best value on the second truck? I basically will put the drive train parts in the bed and sell it. Any thoughts?
  4. zeke5551

    Found a 320NL

    Looks like the truck in Oregon is twice the truck I am looking at. I think I'll drop it. I get up to Oregon a couple times a year, sure it would be gone before I could get there. I'll keep looking around CA. I appreciate everyones input, zeke
  5. zeke5551

    Found a 320NL

    Wayno, what state is the 320NL you mentioned? I think this lady is going to want some real money for the truck.....loosing interest unless it is a grand or under. I offered 500 and she was pretty upset.Thanks, Zeke
  6. zeke5551

    Found a 320NL

    I've been in process of negotiating a neglected 320NL. It would make a great little brother to my '55 Chevy Cameo pick-up. The worst part is the missing parts. I can deal with the windshield (found new) and the upper end of the engine, but the tail light assemblies are gone. I'll place a wanted add in the right section, but I was wondering if you guys could give me a guess on what I should offer her. She's a tough lady, knows the specifics of the truck, rarity, etc.. She has researched the parts and is no push-over. The truck is missing a bunch of stuff, but mainly the engine top end, tail light assemblies, no title and windshield. The body is fairly straight, but covered with surface rust.(about 80% of the body) I didn't notice any rust out in the rest of the truck. Any thoughts, Thanks, Zeke
  7. I'm putting an A14 with an auto trans in a '59 Morris Minor and have bought the engine and trans from different sources. I'm having a heck of a time locating the flexplate/flywheel assembly. Is there supposed to be 2 spacers or only one???? I'll also need the bolts, unless they're the same as the manual trans. Any hints on the spacers and anyone is willing to ship the flexplate assembly I will pay a reasonable amount. If so email me at zeke5551@comcast.net or if anyone knows of a wrecking yard that might be able to help me. Thanks
  8. I recently found you guys after trying to figure out what Datsun engine/trans will fit in my Morris Minor Traveler. I've been working on buying a 320NL for about 4 months, but the owner says they're going to restore it. You know the deal...been sitting outside in the weather for 15 years with no glass. Someone, gasp, has stolen the tail lights. I also have a stock 260Z (except for webers) and am slowly getting rid of my Chevy and Fords and enjoying driving sportier cars. Anyways, you'll hear from me periodically with newbie type questions. Thanks, Zeke
  9. This is why I love these forums. My research (google) lead me to believe the H20 was a derivative of the A series motor and the transmission bolt pattern would be the same. I need a very short engine for a conversion I'm working on. My goal is to put a full drive train and brakes from a Datsun in my 59 Morris Minor Traveler. The A series motors fit and hundreds of them have been put in MMs. I just wanted a little more than 1.4 or 1.5 liters. Also, I'm having a horrible time finding a rebuildible A14 or 15 in central California. Any help will be appreciated. I'll drive within a couple hundred miles of Fresno, Ca (horrible place if you're curious). I'm slowly backing out of the muscle car thing and going smaller. I have a stock 260Z and know how good a Datsun is...makes sense to through out the British junk from my MM and make a drivable car out of it. The forum won't let me post a WTB add yet, so if anyone can help me with an engine core, email me at zeke5551@comcast.net thanks, Zeke
  10. I'm feeling pretty stupid. As soon as I select what kind of add I want, it flags and says to talk to the administrator??? I am logged. any help appreciated. thanks, zeke5551
  11. Has anyone used a H20 or H20-2 forklift motor in a B210 or 310? I'm looking for one to see, measure,,.think about. I've heard it is based on an A15 and is the same size, Any clues or does anyone have a source? thanks, zeke
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