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  1. spoonman

    How much do drive your vintage Datsun???

    Everyday! My 84' 720 is my daily, she's awesome, puts up with mt shit, and that's enough for me haha.
  2. I'll be there with something up my sleeve, looking forward to seeing you guys!!
  3. spoonman

    73 620 Auto to Manual swap

    I just recently did this swap in my 75, from auto trans, to a 5 speed out of a 76 KC, a few little glitches here and there, for overall, it took me about a day and a half. Pretty easy. I have all the auto trans parts.
  4. So no rb swap, but I'll be there with a surprise for all of you!!!!!! Can't wait to meet ya guys, share some stories amobgst sone blunts, and have sone datto madness fun!!!
  5. spoonman


    Bleed them brakes lol.
  6. spoonman

    1975 620 my first build "Betty White"

    Well been a min since I've been on here, replaced intake, and exhaust gaskets, so no more coolant leak, still have to do a comp. test to see how well it helped the numbers, but i need to readjust the valves, and clean up some wiring, and she'll be in tip top shape. Looking forward to the next time i can just driiiivvveeeeeee. Stil need to find a 5 spd, and start a engine swap pile lol.
  7. spoonman

    Wierd Sputter and backfire.

    Hahahaha, this is my truck now!!!!! Lol.
  8. Damn, i wish i could make this, i spent quite a few summers in morton visiting family, anybody checked out the Mortkn Logger's Jubilee?
  9. spoonman

    1975 620 my first build "Betty White"

    It's coolant, when i did the valve adjustment, i got a new valve cover gasket, and torqued it to specs, so i don't think it's that, next step is to replace the thermostat housing, thermostat, and gasket. Hopefully that will stop by guage not working,
  10. spoonman

    1975 620 my first build "Betty White"

    What's up guys!!! Been a bit, been super busy, but I must say, she is coming along nicely!!! I'm starting my mission on a KA24DET swap. If anyone has anything that they are willing to donate, i'll come pick it up, give me a chance to meet some of yall!!! I'm really digging driving this truck, she puuurrrrrssss!!!! I adjusted my valves, set my timing at 12 deg. BTDC, and adjusted my speed, and mixture screws once again after installing a new choke cable, since the other one was WAAYYY too rough. So good ole oreillys universal choke cable kit, and WHAM, she's purring. My last exhaust valve clearance was out of this world off, I think I must have put 4 full turns on it, and I was barely able to get it to 0.010". I did a compression test, 120ish on 1,2,3, and 133 on 4. I am kind of over the l20B, she's a beast, but no balls, and this 3 speed is fucking stupid. http:// After doing all of that, I find this... http:// Looks like I need to replace my intake, and exhaust gaskets....fuucckk lol. Can anyone recommend what bushings I should get?? I found most of my front suspension bushings are like this.. :/ http:// I couldn't stand how loud it was in the cab, and how much heat came off the tranny tunnel, and the firewall, so I decided to do insulation, and carpet, but first, gotta prep! http:// Now I can add insulation, I used that frost king duct insulation, I read the reviews before hand, I was gonna do the whole peel and seel deal(lol) but decided I didn't want my truck to smell like a road, so I used frost king, and it made one hell of a difference. http:// Now onto the carpet, I used the 3'x6' rolls they have at O'reillys for $10 a piece, I used two rolls, floor mats are just some $10 set from Fred Meyers. I think overall, it came out pretty damn good for a $45 floor job. After the carpet was done, I bought a new shift knob, and a boot to clean that area up a bit, she looks soo good on the inside, night and day difference!! And yes, that is a brick underneath my front seat mounts, since I have no rails, and I have to mount the seat straight to the floor, and wanted leg room. http:// Then I couldn't stand looking at the ratty look anymore, so I decided to do a gloss black rattle can paint job, after wire wheeling all the rusty spots, I wet sanded with 400 grit sandpaper, an applied 2 coats, still have to redo the hood, since it's faded... http:// Only 4 months and I've come this far!!! Really looking forward to continue building, and enjoying the piss out of this truck!!! http:// Took this one when I was leaving Tom Pearce park after an awesome round of disc golf!! I'm sticker bombing the drivers side fender to cover up a huge dent from my attempt at rolling the fenders lol!! http:// Hope you all like my progress so far, I certainly do!! I'm hoping some of you guys can help me out with some parts, if not, and you're in the Medford area, PM me, maybe we can talk datto!!
  11. spoonman

    Heres my 77 620 longbed

    Lookin way good bro, I'm gonna follow this build for sure.
  12. Hey guys, been awhile since i been on here, sorry i missed you guys at rats with dats, been going through some issues, in life and with my truck. I will be there with my rb swapped datto, hopefully I'll have her running well enough for datslocos in bend in Aug. Really looking forward to this!
  13. Hey guys, just wanted to touch base with yall, I'm super vummed i missed out, day that i was supposed to leave i get called into work on ny requested days off, fuckin stupid. I think I'm gonna head to eugene for the weekend next weekenf if anyone wants to link up??
  14. I have a feeling, my truck is going to be running excellent after this show!!!! If i don't get the gasket kit in time, I'll just buy them from you guys.
  15. That's a fact, getting an entire gasket set, i think they're well over due, wait til you guys see, and hear this, I've got a whining noise, and it's freakin me out.

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