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  1. BestyBlue77

    Ive never done this before, need help with b210 head gasket

    I know this is an old thread, but why do you suggest the distilled water treatment if he's already taken the radiator to the shop and had it cleaned. Wouldn't it be easier to just flush out the engine? That's what I did by putting a lil heat on the lower engine flush bolt to remove it, and completely draining it all out and then running the hose til it all drains out. After that I blew compressed air to push out any remaining water. I'm wondering because running the engine at all with only water in it is not a good idea, especially for someone who has just overheated the engine to the point of blowing the gasket.
  2. BestyBlue77

    My B210 keeps leaking oil from the head gasket. Why???

    No, never been bored out. It's all original. They all are. The cylinders are all in amazing shape luckily.
  3. BestyBlue77

    My B210 keeps leaking oil from the head gasket. Why???

    It looks uncoated on the other side, so I'm definitely grabbing a bottle of the copper spray. It has great reviews all around as well. I'm going to see what the dealership offers, and who knows theirs may include the o-ring. I do wonder about that o-ring though, where exactly should it be installed, and if it is installed, wouldn't that block the flow of oil coming up from below? Hmm?
  4. BestyBlue77

    My B210 keeps leaking oil from the head gasket. Why???

    Cool! Thanks guys!! This is really helpful. I never thought to try to dealership for a head gasket. They have a very limited selection of items available for my car, and usually when I do call them for something 8 out of 10 times they don't have it. But I'll call them up just to check. I usually go with the Fel-Pro simply because they include ALL the gaskets I need for the restore, and I don't have to hunt and peck around trying to find everything I need. Also, they have excellent customer service, and you can call them up and ask a tech questions on any of their products which is rare these days. I've already got 2 head sets around now I'd like to use first. They are both Fel-Pro. One is a brand new modern style set, and the other is NOS with paperwork dated 1979. It's definitely old school, and the head gasket is printed like Mike mentioned above. Just got it in the mail yesterday.
  5. BestyBlue77

    My B210 keeps leaking oil from the head gasket. Why???

    I grabbed some pics from RockAuto because they had the biggest selection of head gaskets to choose from for my engine. I compared the gasket holes near the oiler bolt and found three different patterns. A few had 2 large holes and one small hole. One of them had 1 medium, 1 large, and 1 small hole. Another had 1 large hole and 1 small hole. The last being the one that would be the perfect match for my engine. Not sure that even matters, but an extra large hole cut very near the leaky area with an uncoated gasket might just be the problem. Or just the fact that the gaskets were uncoated may be the issue OR it could be the missing o-ring. However, if you look closely at the first pic you will see what I believe is this notorious red o-ring in the Beck/Arnley Head Set #0321463 which is the "recommended" set for my ride. Some of the head gaskets appear to be coated and some don't. Which of these gaskets would you guys recommend as the best to choose for my situation if I didn't use the copper spray you guys mentioned? And I have never heard of this spray copper coating. What brand or where could I purchase said coating? Thanks!!!
  6. BestyBlue77

    My B210 keeps leaking oil from the head gasket. Why???

    Here's #3, my current project. All the tell tale signs are there. Oil leak starts at oiler bolt, the damn things keep running for years sometimes if you keep feeding it oil, and if not repaired the gasket fails to keep coolant where it belongs, then the overheating begins, etc, and POW bent rod. Ugh.
  7. BestyBlue77

    My B210 keeps leaking oil from the head gasket. Why???

    Here's the gasket. Nothing special around the oiler bolt on the Fel-Pro brand. I'll check pics of other brands available as well.
  8. BestyBlue77

    My B210 keeps leaking oil from the head gasket. Why???

    This is head #3 (that I'm currently working on) being restored:
  9. BestyBlue77

    My B210 keeps leaking oil from the head gasket. Why???

    This is what the head looked like 2 years ago when I first put her it. Brand spanking new! Here's head #2 being refreshed: And a bottom pic for reference:
  10. BestyBlue77

    My B210 keeps leaking oil from the head gasket. Why???

    Hey Kelmo! What's up?! I originally noticed a small oil leak right in the middle under the head at the oiler bolt area where head and block meet. At first I wasn't sure where the leak was coming from. And it was coming from more than one place. The oil filler cap cork gasket was shot on my old cap. Thanks for giving me back that other one. That solved one problem. The more I drove it the more oil it was using, and I thought maybe my mechanic screwed up when he replaced the rear main oil seal about a year ago. But now I think it's just been the head gasket since then. Anyway, it doesn't "overheat" according to my gauges but it's been giving off a lot of heat that I can feel coming up from underneath while driving. It's been using tons of oil, and know I know where from, just not sure why that keeps happening.
  11. BestyBlue77

    My B210 keeps leaking oil from the head gasket. Why???

    Hey Mike! Yes, I did the straight edge with feeler gauge, and everything was perfect. Also, yes there is an oiler head bolt and it is in that area on the side of the head where the leak always starts. The head bolt torque spec is 51-54 ft. lbs. I have a old school torque wrench, so I was right in the middle of that, and I retorqued after 600 miles. It's not the valve gasket. Everything is clean & shiny above the block. It's right under where the two meet that it's leaking just on the side where the oiler head bolt is. Let me snap a few pics to see what might be happening. On a side note another Ratsun guy Noramost was a Datsun mechanic for over 25 years and mentioned that that oiler bolt should have had a red washer/o-ring that would have fit into that head bolt hole. I asked at the dealership when I ordered new head bolts, but he said he couldn't find anything on it. Hmm? Not sure on that one. This is the most concentrated area of the leak. Just next to the outer oil plug:
  12. Hey gang! It's been a lil while, but I need some advice. I have rebuilt two B210 engines on a '76 sedan and '77 sedan. On both vehicles the head gaskets have started leaking oil. I have also been rebuilding and restoring a '77 coupe. I have noticed the same problem happened with the coupe. It hasn't ran in 30 years, but I've been hard at work for months ripping it apart, and restoring the engine components one by one. I'm almost done rebuilding the cylinder head. I can tell that the head was leaking oil for quite a long time while still running and being driven. Then eventually the head gasket blew completely, she bent a rod, and then she sat for 30 years. The interesting thing is that this car only has 89k original miles on it. So why do these A14s keep leaking oil at the head? How do I keep this from happening again? I am insanely detail oriented and I double, and triple checked everything along the way. Torqued brand new cylinder head with sanded and trued engine block with new head bolts. Fel-pro head gasket kit. The engine and radiator were flushed thoroughly, new rear main oil seal installed at the auto shop, along with new clutch, rebuilt tranny (the bearings were worn), new water pump, carb rebuild, new fuel pump, new dizzy, new ignition coil, new plugs, oil pan dropped and gasket replaced. Drove it 100 miles then retorqued as recommended in Chilton's. I thought I covered every base. What am I missing? Wrong torque from factory? Idk. HELP!!!
  13. BestyBlue77

    Best battery for a B210???

    Good info, thanks! Hopefully not too far off as all other projects I had going are now complete, and I will be focusing on this car full-time everyday til she zooms. Wish me luck! ;)
  14. BestyBlue77

    Best battery for a B210???

    Hey guys! I'm finally going to start my B210 '77 coupe resurrection project. Been working on cars non-stop for the past 6 months, but just not mine. Doh! Okay, this ride has no battery at all in it, so I'm starting from scratch. I've checked several places for BCI/group sizes to get a general idea of prices and warranties. But I'd like to get some real Datsun folk knowledge about what the best battery for my ride is and why? I'm curious about these things: - What is the ideal (if there is one) group size/BCI # for mine? - Do higher cold cranking amps and cranking amps really matter in an old car with stock engine/features? - How important is reserve capacity? - What brands do you guys really like and depend on? I've looked at Oreilly's "SuperStart", Walmart's "Everstart Maxx", Autozone's "Duralast Gold", Napa's "Legend Premium" & "Napa Power" & "Legand Pro", Costco's "Interstate 22" and that's it for now. Any other brands I should check out too? TIA!
  15. BestyBlue77

    What's best clutch set for my B210?


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