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  1. BestyBlue77

    Best battery for a B210???

    Good info, thanks! Hopefully not too far off as all other projects I had going are now complete, and I will be focusing on this car full-time everyday til she zooms. Wish me luck! ;)
  2. BestyBlue77

    Best battery for a B210???

    Hey guys! I'm finally going to start my B210 '77 coupe resurrection project. Been working on cars non-stop for the past 6 months, but just not mine. Doh! Okay, this ride has no battery at all in it, so I'm starting from scratch. I've checked several places for BCI/group sizes to get a general idea of prices and warranties. But I'd like to get some real Datsun folk knowledge about what the best battery for my ride is and why? I'm curious about these things: - What is the ideal (if there is one) group size/BCI # for mine? - Do higher cold cranking amps and cranking amps really matter in an old car with stock engine/features? - How important is reserve capacity? - What brands do you guys really like and depend on? I've looked at Oreilly's "SuperStart", Walmart's "Everstart Maxx", Autozone's "Duralast Gold", Napa's "Legend Premium" & "Napa Power" & "Legand Pro", Costco's "Interstate 22" and that's it for now. Any other brands I should check out too? TIA!
  3. BestyBlue77

    What's best clutch set for my B210?

  4. BestyBlue77

    What's best clutch set for my B210?

    It's a 56A, Mike. Yes, of course, price is not the deciding factor. That's why I asked you guys. What does that mean highest clamping force?
  5. BestyBlue77

    What's best clutch set for my B210?

    I don't have that sleeve, so it looks like the Brute Power is the way to go on this car. I'm going to replace my cheapo Duralast with an Exedy on my other car, because I have all the parts to swap out on that one, and I'm just not happy with the Duralast clutch.
  6. BestyBlue77

    What's best clutch set for my B210?

    Lol. Very funny! Specs: Diaphragm type 7 1/8" clutch diameter; 18 tooth spline; 13/16" input shaft diameter.
  7. BestyBlue77

    What's best clutch set for my B210?

    I don't have any clutch parts yet. Just the flywheel and hydraulics.
  8. BestyBlue77

    What's best clutch set for my B210?

    Oh, wow! Finally finally checked out RockAuto.com. Way better prices! Okay, anything from this page too. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/nissan,1976,b210,1.4l+l4,1210802,transmission-manual,clutch+kit,1993
  9. BestyBlue77

    What's best clutch set for my B210?

    Here's what I've been looking at that I can afford: https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/powertorque-4688/transmission---transaxle-16780/clutch-parts-16462/clutch-set-11335/6d034da02ad7/powertorque-clutch-set/kf53701/4671886/1977/nissan/b210?q=Clutch+Set&pos=0 https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/carquest-new-clutch-set-mu47537-1/5333938-P https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/valeo-clutch-kit-51804004/11854304-P https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/NCF1106016 Which one, or none of these?
  10. BestyBlue77

    What's best clutch set for my B210?

    I'm doing an auto to manual swap on my 1976 B210. I'm wondering what the best kind/brand of clutch set to get is for daily driving? I have a 1977 as well, and it has a cheapo Duralast set in it. I'm not especially thrilled with it. I don't know much about clutches, so any info is helpful. TIA!
  11. I know it's been several months since the last post on this, but did you ever figure out a good solution to removing the motherf**king nuts? I have 3 B210's and ALL of mine have 10mm nuts on them. A 12mm would never fit on my carbs. The 10mm barely fits. I've had a ton of issues with my carbs over the years, so I could probably take those carbs off in my sleep. There is no need to remove the valve cover, overkill. Once your air cleaner is off and ALL hoses are out of the way remove the top carb screw closest to firewall that holds the side bracket down. Remove the choke. Then remove the 2 back side screws holding the bracket on. Then remove the f**king screw and slip clip (pic below) at the end of that bracket that holds the throttle cable in place. That fucking screw is the bain of my existence! Grrr! Because, it's so hard to get back on. Then remove the throttle cable by cranking the throttle lever around and wiggling the cable out and away from the carb body. Next remove the big flathead screw, 2 tiny washers, and the spring that holds the accelerator pump lever on. Then remove that accelerator pump lever bar. At this point the goddamned nuts should be as accessible as they are going to get. A bent wrench or flexible head wrench would make things easier, but not at all necessary. If the nut is really rounded needle-nose vice-grip pliers might be your best friend here to get it loosened enough to then unscrew by hand. After you get those off, put on new nuts (obviously) with nylon threading because tightening the new nuts enough without striping them can be a pain in the arse too. The nylon helps keep them from vibrating loose. Hope this helps anyone having this same problem.
  12. BestyBlue77

    Headlights won’t turn on

    The simplest solution is usually the right answer. And more heads are better than one! Go Team Ratsun!!
  13. BestyBlue77

    Will 12" rims on a B210?

    If they don't fit or look funny (not in a good way) I'll definitely put them up for sale. You got first dibs. :)
  14. BestyBlue77

    Bringing a sitting car back to life!

    Just taking it all in. I feel comfortable adding some Marvel's as I've had great results with that, and I'll use a good oil filter first, then I'll keep throwing cheap oil filters at for a while after that til the oil stays clean looking. Maybe I'll get lucky, and it won't be too nasty in there. Only one way to find out.

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