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  1. maswov

    potential buy - rare vintage wheels

    Rare or not they are pretty cool looking. Diggin' the Datsun emblem. There does seem to be decent tire selection for 13s for track tires, might be good for a set of racing slicks.
  2. maswov

    Fender mirrors on a roadster

    Many different styles to choose from on ebay. I just bought some from partsshop2you, holiday here so just waiting on shipping.
  3. maswov

    Any suspension gurus?

    Need some help to ID these struts. I was told the suspension is from an early skyline but trying to find out for sure or at least get a better of what the donor car was. Most of the used parts here are shipped in from Japan as assemblies, and written on the rotor it looked like SS 67-73. I can see a partial part number stamped on the strut. I googled 54303 and it comes up with a wide range of Nissan struts both old and new just different numbers following. Here are a couple pics of what is visible, any help is much appreciated.
  4. maswov

    78 120Y Thailand build

    Yes it is a 120Y, that's my point, not designed for for high power and torque. Yes it WILL be on the race track with some street use. Bolt in roll bars and cages are real and do provide benefits stated, however both bolt in AND welded cages need to be installed properly to gain this benefit. Yes, roll cages were originally designed for safety but that does not diminish the benefits of chassis stiffening. With that said, I would say that say that the cage is more for stiffening since that benefit is realized every time the car runs down the track, the safety benefit is realized once.
  5. maswov

    78 120Y Thailand build

    I understand the benefit of reduced weight to HP ratio, but the trade off for the benefit of chassis stiffening is well worth it IMO. The 120Y was intended to be an fuel efficient commuter vehicle in the midst of the gas crunch in the 70s ( most of us should remember the long lines and gas rationing during this time). With the stock L14 pushing 80 HP and 82 ft/lb of torque, the chassis probably wasn't designed to handle 201 HP and 202 ft/lb of torque of a stock SR20DET. Add to that some engine mods and 40 years of rust, that further diminishes chassis stability. Why do we want a stiff chassis? The foundation of the car is the chassis. This often overlooked part of the car is where all other systems ie engine and suspension attach to and react. The result from the torque of the engine can be easily seen in drag cars when the chassis twists and the left front wheel lifts off the ground. Regarding suspension, a stiff suspension can do wonders for handling performance however under load or cornering the chassis will act like a spring minus the damping provided from the shocks. This can result in unpredictable results mitigating the increased performance gained from the suspension upgrades.
  6. maswov

    Malachi's Yellow 510

    Looking good!
  7. maswov

    78 120Y Thailand build

    I have had a couple bearings go bad before, this time never heard a thing. Could be that I lived on a aircraft carrier for 3 years and had jets taking off 2 decks above where I slept, my hearing just isn't what it used to be. Got both rotors in the shop now replacing the bearings, I had actually planned to go over bearings and grease fittings this week anyway, that just got bumped up a few days. I was told the suspension was from an early Skyline, was looking at some numbers stamped on the strut to try to figure out exactly what it is but can only get part of it, got some more research and digging to do. Saw something on the rotor looked like SS 67-73, probably marked from the junk yard, so yeah the part is old already and if I know how guys operate here it was put right on the car without changing the bearings or at least repacking them Back seat has got to go, need a place for the dog to sit. B)
  8. maswov

    74 datsun 610 lost key please help me

    It's also possible to replace lock cylinders and/or ignition switch with replacements from a junkyard.
  9. maswov

    My new wagon! 1973 Datsun 610

    Wow, nice find! Good luck with it and keep us posted with updates.
  10. maswov

    78 120Y Thailand build

    Had a bit of a mishap the other day on the way home from checking out some new rims and tires, one of the wheel bearings disintegrated on me The spindle got pretty hot and is black but it is smooth so it will be ok. The sleeve on the rotor is fucked that's in the shop now getting repaired and new bearings put in both rotors. While it's sitting idle right now, I figured this would be a good time to get rid of the back seat. Removed the back part of the roll cage for access, which is ok since I will make it a little different when its reinstalled. And there is my helper, didn't do much but he tried. That's enough for today, it's so hot my eyeballs are sweating. The floorboard doesn't look too bad, once I get the soundproofing out and adhesives cleaned up I will be able to see what if any welding needs to be done. Next step is to stare at it for hours and decide what I want to do to add some function and finish it off for a smooth look.
  11. maswov

    Rust Converter vs. Removal

    I saw a video where a guy restored an old cast iron skilled. He tried a few different methods and in the end apple cider vinegar came out on top for rust removal.
  12. I like the citrus based solvent idea. I have some pure orange oil that I initially bought for soap making but found other uses including dissolving old styrofoam to make a glue and cleaning my bong.
  13. maswov

    Flares and lip

    Wow, those look strikingly similar to my flares, except mine are a bit bigger. Didn't see any wider ones he offered there on Ebay except for other cars, couldn't find a website for him either. I took a closer look at mine and it's not a perfect fit, looks like the wide version for the Celica.
  14. maswov

    78 120Y Thailand build

    I hope it hurts in a good way 555 I retired from the US Navy a few years ago and decided to settle in Thailand. I bought the car from a friend who bought it as a replacement for the Toyota he wrecked circuit racing. After 2 years of sitting at his condo with nothing being done to it, he decided to put the racing on hold for awhile, that's when I bought it. I was looking through the registration book and it looks like it was imported to Thailand about 20 years ago, I imagine from Japan or possibly Australia. The 1st owner in Thailand was a girl who ran the stock 1.4. The guy who bought it from her had brought it to where it is now. Not sure what mods had been done to the engine, but after I get a couple things done, I'll get it on the dyno and go from there.
  15. maswov

    16" rims

    Thanks, that's just what I needed. The 16 on the front looked ok something a little more open like a 5 spoke would look better IMO. Could be the angle too, the one with the 17's was from the side and that looked a little too big. My fenders are cut back a bit with some flares so 16's might not look too bad if I can't find 15's I like.

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