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  1. love the look, what turbo manifold did you go with? love the top mount!
  2. looks like your door spring hinge needs some love.
  3. do you still need a trans? i have one but im down in LA
  4. looks killer can't wait to see more pictures! what color did you chose ?
  5. what i find so funny is that car that crow took that panel from was my old car!! i'm happy its going to good use
  6. just put a turn down at the end of it!!!! cant wait to see it at JCCS
  7. Tell me this thing is going to be at eagle rock swap meet??
  8. looking great!! what is the rim spec and offset? and what size tires are you running?
  9. do you happen to have the part numbers for the rotors ? thanks
  10. question for you? the section that connects to the lower door hinge where you had to cut out.. is that skyline specific or what was it taken from another model?. thanks
  11. What kind of transmission are you running ? if its not stock what is it out of ? thanks
  12. is this a 5 speed dog leg? can you use a 280z transmission in this car without cutting the floor hole ?
  13. But now the tail lights don't match the grill!!! LOL
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