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  1. bobbyanthony1965

    720 nissan truck

    Ok well I've already replaced the fuel pump and carb it's new and the new carb doesn't have a sight glass like the old one to see the fuel level but when the old one was on I noticed the fuel level was half way on glass, is that enough or should the fuel need to cover glass completely ? also the the truck only cuts off when it's moving so can't check loss of fire to plugs with it moving,and when I'm at home not moving it's running good so I know it's getting fire to plugs. Is it possible that fuel pump relay is cutting off when I'm driving but not when it's in park ? how many relays to fuel pump does it have ?
  2. bobbyanthony1965

    720 nissan truck

    it's standard transmission, regular cab 1986 nissan 720
  3. bobbyanthony1965

    720 nissan truck

    I've had the truck for 3 years & it's been a good truck but recently I took a 500 mile trip & the next day after it started cutting off while driving it would start back up, but then it started doing this more often and now it won't even go one block before it cuts off. it runs good at home it will run all day it's only when I drive it so I removed the drain plug on fuel tank and drained fuel didn't see anything inside tank changed in line fuel filter removed fuel filter in fuel pump, checked filter on carb then took it to the street but it still would cut off before I got to the block so then I replaced fuel pump,carb,checked vacum lines then the same thing happen so then I didn't have anything else to change on fuel system so then I started thinking it's electrical or fire problem so I replaced cap,rotar,spark plugs,ignition module then tried it again but like always it does the same thing I won't to replace coils but I'm thinking that I'm spending lots of money for nothing and I need to ask for help
  4. bobbyanthony1965

    720 nissan truck

    ok so the truck runs good in drive way but when I take it for a test drive it dies, starts up and dies then I get it back home and it runs good again so this problem only happens when I drive it
  5. bobbyanthony1965

    New to Forum - 1986 720 Regular Cab

    was thinking about changing ignition coils but I've spent all my money already so please help
  6. bobbyanthony1965

    New to Forum - 1986 720 Regular Cab

    was thinking about changing ignition coils but I've spent all my money already so please help
  7. bobbyanthony1965

    New to Forum - 1986 720 Regular Cab

    I have a 1986 nissan 720 that will run all day in Park at home but when I take it to the street to drive it falls dead like it's running out of gas, I have cleaned the fuel tank, replaced fuel filter, fuel pump, carb and it still did the same so then I started thinking maby it is a fire problem instead of fuel problem so I replaced electronic module under distance cap also replaced cap, rotor spark plugs and it's still doing the same thing.

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