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  1. I concur. Can't wait to see what Datsunfreak does with this car.
  2. Life just threw me a curveball and I gotta let this project go. Hopefully someone will pick it up and finish it. Linky to Ad.
  3. Good to know :) I saw a few parts hanging on the walls of your shop that I'll be hitting you up for in the near future.
  4. Been out of the country on holiday and I came home to see that Brown Santa had paid me a visit. Ratsun is chuck-full of genuine car-guys and gals who are willing to lend a hand when the need arises. I made a comment in the classifieds that I was searching for a manual pedal box and got a reply from a Cat 1500 miles away saying he knew where a manual 1200 was...in a field. He rolled out there and extracted the above 1200 parts for me, some guy he had never met. He then boxed them up and sent them for a stellar deal. Wow. And if that wasn't enough, check out the Ratsun decal and coveted Rat and Wrenches sticker he threw in on the deal. Thanks Buddy! I hope to return the favor to you and the Ratsun community. On the project front- Just found out the company I work for is moving to a new, larger shop later in the summer. Bad news is - Ill have to wait a little longer to finish my sheet metal and engine mockup. Good news is - that I'll have a dedicated bay to keep my project in. Argh...the waiting! Thanks for looking!
  5. Life sure gets in the way, but here's a little progress. Got the struts shortened 3 inches. I went with the Jetta inserts that are 3 7/8" shorter than stockers. In the pic you'll see the 7/8 spacers I'll be using, Had to bore the retention nuts about 3 mm to account for the larger shaft. Here they are tacked and mocked: Welded (with gas this time), ground and primered: Wet Paint; I'll be using 280Z rear springs (cut) and clamps for now, just to get it back on the ground. When the engine is in, I'll likely need to change the springs... but that's down the road a bit. On a mission to get my bucket rolling so I can trailer it up to work. We have a nice fab area with Miller 220 migs and lifts. Gotta get my frame rails finish welded and start mocking up engine mounts. At work, have a collection of fairly new Pentastar 3.6 engines that we take out of Jeeps when we do Hemi conversions. They are tiny and make 300 HP. Would be killer with a Challenger 6 speed. My tape measure says it will fit with room to spare. I'll post pics of the mock-up. Thanks for looking!
  6. Thanks for the push, fellas :) Life is crazy. Short version is that while I had a ton of time as a freelancer, I didn't have the money to match. So - I sucked it up and went back to work for the man 3 weeks ago. Now I have steady income....less time. I guess that's the life of a gear head. I'm still gathering parts. Working a deal from a member on a pedal box and have most of the hardware for my front suspension. Datsunfreak is helping facilitate the purchase of some H190 disc brackets. I'll post some pics in the coming weeks.
  7. Wow, Jay! What a score for your buddy! Great inspiration for us all :)
  8. Yeah, she's pretty crusty on the bottom few inches. Thanks for the encouragement. Trying to do something on it every day.
  9. Small update. Spun to car around so I could start on the right side frame rail replacement. Haven't seen the passenger side of my Bucket since I brought it home. Cut out a bunch of rust. Not the best pic, but the passenger frame rail is tacked in. Car is on full Flintstone status right now. Gotta order some rockers from Datsun Garage and get those in before I can build the floors. Thanks for looking!
  10. Not on mine - could be because it's a Sedan, but the spring perches were 30 mm (total) too narrow and had to come off to be moved. I'd love to have the wagon shock mounts, but Datto parts are scarce in the dirty south. I read through your build, though. I'll be doing a KA as well. Cool project. Looks like you are getting close!
  11. Burned an hour in the garage this morning. Cut the spring perches off both axles and mocked up the 190 again. I needed the stock perches so I could use the shock mount. They are a tad smaller due to the difference in axle tube diameter, so I'll need to work them a bit before I weld them on. And that wont take place until I have the drivetrain in the car so I can set my pinion angle. Trying to get all this stacked up and bolted down by myself was truly a Rube Goldbergian experience. :rofl: Thanks for looking! Edit: upon further inspection of the pic, it appears that I have the perches on the wrong sides as I think the shock mount biases inside. :sleep:
  12. Pictures don't do that thing justice...That is one clean 1200! (yes I have floor-pan envy)
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