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  1. Time Left: 8 days and 21 hours

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    Looking for the spring that puts tension on the hood prop rod for a 510. If any one has one, let me know. Would consider the whole hood prop assembly as well.


    , California - US

  2. Thanks! What year is your zx/transmission?
  3. Simple question that I have not been able to find the answer to. What is the thread pitch for the 280zx? M8x1.25 or M10x1.25?
  4. Time Left: 3 days and 4 hours

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    Looking for pair of knobs for the tuning and volume controls for a factory 510 radio. If you have a pair floating around that you would be willing to part with, let me know. Thank you.


  5. Time Left: 4 days and 16 hours

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    Looking for a drivers side license plate lamp assembly with pig tail. Chrome does not have to be great, but must not have dents or any major rust for 2 door 510.


    Bay Area - US

  6. Any idea on the wiper blade datzenmike? The pic in my first post looks like it reads 8636?-????. I tried the P/Ns you posted to no available.
  7. The reason I ask is because most of the stuff on ebay you can still get from the nissan for a whole lot less money. I noticed that sellers on ebay cover the part number on the packaging because they are buying from nissan and reselling for more. I don't have a problem with that but if I know I can still get it, I rather pay less. :) It's just a matter of finding out part numbers This pic looks to show a different part number than listed above. 8084??-?????
  8. Anyone know the part numbers for these two parts? For a 510
  9. Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse over the head, but will a 14 x 6.5 width +6 offset tuck under stock 510 fenders without rolling or cutting? Car will be lowered, but not slammed. Currently using stock front 510 struts but will like to run 280zx front struts in the future so I would like to plan ahead and see if they would fit with either strut setup.
  10. Nice ride! Almost bought that car but I guess you beat me too it! haha love the thread man!
  11. Curious to see if anyone is running a T3 front strut bar on their 510 with an updraft carb? Currently have a weber 32/36 on mine, clearance looks tight. Rather ask than buy it and find out it doesn't fit. :yawn:
  12. Pretty much stole this off CL. Dude didn't really know what is was for but I recognized the intake manifold layout and knew it was for an L series four banger Datto so i went and grabbed it. It's a Weber 40 dcoe 149 5C with a lynx cross flow manifold. My question is anyone running one of these on an L16? Researched a little bit and seems like a love it or hate it type of deal but then again i don't know if a lynx crossflow as used or if that even matters in tune-ablity as it was supposed to help correct the leaning out of #1 and #4 cylinders. Still researching around for jetting numbers n such, so don't go to hard on me. Any pointers would be welcome. My L16 is stock with an A87 head and electronic ignition.
  13. Lol that was honestly the first impression I had of them. But goggling around I couldn't find anything on old sparco seats so I'm jut going to pass on them. They are fairly cheap but probably for a reason
  14. Found these seats. Guy says they are sparco but looks like recaros. To me it looks like the backs have been recovered so don't really know what they are or even if they are anything. Anyone know what they are?
  15. I could have sworn people were using them on wagons. maybe i have been miss reading but it looks like they would work just compressed two inches. but it might be worth looking into some that are a closer fit
  16. I noticed that the camaro shocks are 2 inches bigger in height and length. I only want to drop the rear of my goon about an inch or two, will the difference in size still work? I'm assuming yes since people are running them on lowered goons. Stock 510 Wagon shocks Camaro rear shocks
  17. For those of you running rear Camaro 743019 KYB AGX's in your Goon, how do you like them? Finished the front end of my goon, now moving to the rear and would like to run a shock with some adjust-ability with out breaking the bank.
  18. Seem to have found the problem! the wire that attaches to the temp sensor was barely attached to the round female connector so the reading on the gauge moved up or down depending how much of a contact it was making. if that makes sense.
  19. I have. I've let the car run without a rad cap and i dont have a heater so i can't turn the heat on.
  20. i also took my dash out and maybe something happened to the gauge. gas gauge seems to work fine, just on E because it really is on E.
  21. I used two 5/8" rubber plugs on the "in" and "out" ports that are on the block. the gauge went down a tad but not much. going to try a aftermarket temp gauge. i know the thermostat is opening and closing because the upper hose gets hot and cools down a little before getting hot again. i have a lead on a new heater as well so if i get it i will be throwing that in as well.
  22. I'm going to be doing this next, you're probably right! The hose I have connecting the two is the hottest thing(next to the engine) that I've touched.
  23. nope, looks clean. The joy of inheriting someones else's mods and fixes! I guess it's to be expected with 45 year old car
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