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    Datsun 720, 1981, L18, 2WD
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    Used to have a little Sierra that I did up for off-road.
    Now owner of a Datsun 720!
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  1. SkooGAR

    L18 Transmission Swap

    Hey folks so I have a 1981, 2WD, Datsun 720: http://community.ratsun.net/topic/68791-jimmy-and-the-greenhouse/ It currently has a 4 Speed Tree Shift and I am dying to set it up with a 5 speed transmission of sorts as these 60 Km/Hr speed limits are absolutely killing my car. So damn over the awkward gearing especially because there is so many damn hills around.
  2. SkooGAR

    L18 Clutch/Fly wheel issue

    Hey folks so I went for a wrecker hunt and found 3 old 720's but all of them had just as bad if not worse condition flywheels so I took it in and got it re-machined then bought a clutch kit. Threw it all together and she is running good as new! Will update this page if I ever have any issues with it.
  3. SkooGAR

    Jimmy and the Greenhouse

    This is how he looks now: [/url]">http:// [/url]">http://http://s1199.photobucket.com/user/sickzuk1/media/20160314_180335.jpg.html'>
  4. SkooGAR

    Jimmy and the Greenhouse

    Hey guys sorry for the outrageous delay in response have been really bogged down with uni. This was it when I got it in 2013: [/url]">http:// [/url]">http://
  5. SkooGAR

    L18 Clutch/Fly wheel issue

    Yeah no worries was going to re-surface it anyway just to be safe. Do you know exactly what year model that these clutches were in as well? Will just make it easier when hunting. Cheers!
  6. SkooGAR

    L18 Clutch/Fly wheel issue

    Wow that's mighty convenient for myself :crying: Guess its going to make getting it a touch harder. My clutch has actually worn into the flywheel a little bit so the clutch disk was essentially embossed into the flywheel so guess I need a new one. I don't suppose there is any chance that you have the model number for the flywheel as well? And should I just grab a new one or hunt around for a second hand? P.s: Your a legend
  7. SkooGAR

    Jimmy and the Greenhouse

    Hello everybody meet Jimmy and the Greenhouse! CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO ATTACH PICS (I suck) These were taken back in 2013 when I first got it. And unfortunately it no longer is in that condition due to me using it as a contracting vehicle for the last 3 years for my Gardening Business. BUT I shall be bringing it back to its former glory and improving it on top over the next 2/3 years! CURRENT STATS: - Datsun 720, 1981, L18, 2WD, 4 Speed Tree - Blown clutch and completely flat fly wheel? FUTURE PLANS: - Engine Conversion (SUGGESTIONS PEOPLE! :thumbup: ) - Turbo for said engine^ - Convert from 4 speed tree to 5 speed stick - New paint job (What do we think? I want to go with original color but a couple shades darker) - Bucket seats - Sound system - Gauges - New lighting - Tyres & rims - Style Side tub Tray
  8. SkooGAR

    L18 Clutch/Fly wheel issue

    Hey everyone! I am a newbie :D Am currently working on getting my 1981 720 (2wd) back on the road. PROBLEM: Clutch has been slipping for a while now, never had a single bad smell/sound from the car ever. Drop the transmission out and grab the clutch assembly. The clutch had worn through so much that the springs on the center of the clutch plate have started hitting the bolts of the fly wheel and done a bit of damage to them. It is a Nissan clutch but doesn't appear to have any damn model number on it for me to grab an aftermarket one. What clutch will actually fit? :confused: And my flywheel is pretty much now completely flat. :geek: So I am assuming this is the reason for the springs hitting the bolts. Is my flywheel supposed to be flat or not? :confused: STATS: Flywheel: 300 mm total diameter. 225 mm clutch wear diameter. Model: 720, 1981, L18, 2WD, 4 Speed Please help! :angel:

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