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  1. dolphin

    620 alternator "upgrade"

    the best I found was to use an alternator from a datsun 200 sx, it went in easy, and upped the amps by from 35 to 50, in my old 620 i found the info on this ratsun community, tahnks. Lewis
  2. sold the dolphin to a  y oung couple,

    had to put a weber carb on it

    I have the old 620 hitachi? carb and air cleaner for sale, if anyone wants/needs to find one, the accelerator pump is out



  3. dolphin

    Should I buy this '73 620?

    I see a 1973 620 in real good shape in salt lake city, Utah, on ksl.com cars, for three K....nice/pretty paint, etc. no idea on the condition, if anyone is looking, I can't afford it right now
  4. I don't know if any of you remember, but I bought a dolphin camper, 1978 and just finished a weber conversion, I also have a hitachi carb and air cleaner for sale or trade, or...? I'm trying to figure out how to hook up an automatic choke, and is it even necessary? how hard is a cold start in this, and which wire do I hook up? there are about a zillion different hoses and such, to try and hook up, not even sure where and/or how? I hooked up the line off the valve cover with a hose to the smog gizmo on the engine, that is run by a belt, but I'm thinking of cutting that belt and getting rid of that, if it helps the air, then I'll leave it on, I'm registered as a vintage vehicle, so I can skip that, but salt lake city is the seventh smoggiest city in the USA, so....I don't want to contribute to that. I plugged another pipe with a bolt. I'll try to post a video on ebay, and let you folks know about the conversion, sorry, I should have done before and after. Same title thanks to all more to come lewisg (at) xmission dot. com
  5. dolphin

    1978 datsun dolphin housecar

    okay, I did what I should have done, in the first place, went to a scale, the whole vehicle weights in at 4100 pounds, rear comes in at like 2200 so any B range tire should work fine, 245s are very pricey, so probably going with 235s
  6. dolphin

    One Wire Alternator for my 77 620

    help please, I have a 1978 datsun 620 house car RV camper, it was not charging, the parts store tested it and said that the voltage regulator was bad, I thought it had an external voltage regulator, but a good search under the dash passengers side, turned up nothing, so I replaced it, listened to "ratsun" and got a 45 amp datsun 200sx alternator 1978, which went in with only a little grief getting it on the lower radiator hose, and a two inch? larger fan belt, but seemed to work, now I have the same problem, not charging, "bad voltage regulator" help please...
  7. dolphin

    1978 datsun dolphin housecar

    okay, one question for the "pros" I have to prime this same camper, that I just bought, to get it to start, it lags, coughs, sputters, and sometimes spits back out the carb, probably needs a complete rebuild, ,the state DMV said it has not been licensed for ten years, they almost couldn't even find it in their system, could/would that be an accelerator pump issue, once it's warmed up, it runs fairly well, lags on acceleration, but that's about it, just passe emisssions test, but I took it in WARM... also, does anyone truly know how much these things weighed? I'm still struggling with tire decisions(s)
  8. dolphin

    1978 datsun dolphin housecar

    don't can't run duallys, the feds banned them due to them causing issues/stress/braking on the rear ends, they were not designed to take them, mine came with extra wide (ten inch rims) and 245-60-14s, on them, I've switched to fifteen inchers to get a C load rating, but those are too large, I'm stumped at this point, the 145s can carry like 1500 pounds, and I read that the rear of these dolpins rv campers came in at like 3800 pounds/front at like 1800 pounds, I should have driven to a scale to find out...more to come
  9. dolphin

    1978 datsun dolphin housecar

    holy toledo, this is the one I just bought, same goofy wallpaper on the inside, same cushions,see my other post for more info on it!
  10. dolphin

    1978 datsun dolphin housecar

    hello folks, thanks for the ratsun community, I just bought an old 1978 datsun/dolpin 620 housecar, I'll try to load pics as soon as I can figure them out, this think is a POW! let me tell you what I've done, and what I think I know (more to learn by far). it had a bad alternator, so i found ratsun and ended up putting in a 200sx alternator, not much, but 15 more amps w/o much modification, a bigger fan belt, and a pain with the lower radiator hose and the bracket, it fit, but just barely (it just failed, not sure why/how come, more to come...) Also, mine only has wider on the rear, they are 245-60-14, on maybe ten inch rims, the tires are fifteen years old, this thing, as per the state DMV, has been unlicensed for ten years! It too, has 81,000 miles on it (is it the same one mentioned above?) . I can't find much at all about them, some info on toyotas, but I did find someone somewhere else posted that theirs also had the wide tires on the rear, and not duallys. Also, the federal government banned duallys on the rear of these, as they would cause a failure in the rear end (stress/breakage), unless they were a beefier axle made for duallys...given that the only wide fourteens I can find (any fourteens for that matter), are only a B rating. Somewhere on the web, I read that these (1973?) dolphin weighted in at like 6000 pounds with like 3700 rear and 1800 front, so I figured that those rear tires weren't strong enough to carry this camper, so I got some fifteen inch rims, and had some used 235-75-15s put on them, but then I got problems with clearance on the front end, so we cut a little out of the front frame right in front of the tire, and raised it up with the torsion bar adjustments, still touches a little, I'm stumped, now I need a f'n alignment, and the shop can't fit it in it's bay. I may just order in some of those 245/14s, and go back to that system. I should have taken it over some scales and found out for sure what it weighted in at!? The carb is bad, has to be primed, coughs, sputters, spits back up out the carb, until it warms up, then smooths out some, it did pass emissions, my mechanic told me to warm it up good, prior to taking it in. Electrical has issues, brake light, signals, etc. my brother is checking that over now. the cord to plug the camper in, I guess, had been patched, and shorted out, blew the GFCI on the house. I read that they step down from 110 to 12, but no converter to step up to 110 from the 12 volt system, and my brother agrees. There is damage on the inside, cushions, bed, paneling, etc. the stove is rusty. I found one used stove but it's $150.oo, and I may just paint this one with high temp paint? cushions for the camper, I found some dog beds for like thirty bucks each, so four of those for the inside, and a futon I bought for twenty bucks will work for the cabover, the cab seats, doors and headliner are in good shape, anyway fols, more to come, and thanks!
  11. dolphin

    620 alternator "upgrade"

    okay, thanks for the input, I went with a 1978 datsun 200sx alternator, it's a slight upgrade to 45 amps from the oem 30, almost a direct fit, I had to get a fan belt two inches? bigger, and then had to pull the hose clamp and put it on, then reput the lower radiator hose back on, it barely fit w/o any other mods....still holding out, seems it failed, I have a double battery system, the other battery may have killed the alternator as it is an old one? more to come, this is on an old datsun dolphin/620 camper that i just picked up

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