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  1. Looking for a few spring clips... I need a hatch lock clip (the clip that holds the lock in) Also need the three clips that hold the trim on below the cargo windows. Anyone got these ?? Dying to put all my trim back on. Thanks
  2. Cruez

    "New" 521 owner from SPEED Channel

    Nice old school look. I hope to start on my 521 as soon as the wagon project is done and possibly after the Z . I have some ideas on what the 521 should look like. The wagon is almost complete... I need to take new pics.
  3. Anyone replaced the pinion seals and bearings on a wagon? The front seal is leaking and was looking into replacing the bearings as well, and resetting the preload on the gearset..
  4. What type of backing (if any) are one the carpets?
  5. Cruez

    more 521 parts!

    Any idea what the shipping might be on the starter? to 28021
  6. Cruez

    Nice 620 in NC.

    Wow... its only about 20 minutes from me.... ! Nice shape that sucker is in !!
  7. Cruez

    Carburetor Problem - Pictures - Help Won't idle

    I'm curious.. my 521 has the same issue.... Where is the idle jet located... ?
  8. If you test one thats decent, let me know... I can clean it up as long as everything is intact... Thanks
  9. Anyone got a decent one.. the 521 truck I picked up had the high beam switch burnt out and they relocated (read: hack job) it to the floor. I just want to put it back like its supposed to.. Thanks..
  10. Cruez

    diy powder coating

    I have a friend that does the duracoat. He will be doing my 9mm when I get a chance to get it to him.. I post a pic when its done. It supposed to be good stuff
  11. Cruez

    diy powder coating

    Here is some info about my process.... Prep work, by far, is the most important process.. If you have any scratches in the metal, they will be shiny scratches when your done.. There are some fillers available, I have tried a few but they all have their own quirks.. Candy coating (2 stage process) is much more difficult... the cheaper gun setups usually do not have enough adjustments to get a even coat on the second stage and they waste quite a bit of powder. Doing multiple colors requires a partial bake of each color before going to the next color or you will get cross contamination. Cast parts have a tendency to outgas... rough castings are the worst, there are some powders that are outgas forgiving, but not in many colors.
  12. Cruez

    Honey Bee! B-210 ART ala Fisch

    Nice work!. I can barely draw stick figures. hmmmm... I wonder what kinda $$$ to do my wagon :D
  13. Cruez

    GOONS check in

    Thanks for the kind words... I try to come up with ideas and take cues from other goon owners.. If it weren't for other goon owners I don't think it would be turning out as good as it has so far.. There are quite a few nice wagons in this thread and I'm glad to be here with you guys.
  14. Cruez

    GOONS check in

    Ok guys.... Finally got a little more stuff on the wagon.... So I stuck it in a video... enjoy
  15. Cruez

    Valve cover make over(pic overload)

    Nice work !

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