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  1. ericsb210

    Christmas came early today.

    Um, ya...have fun and overdose on Ratsun :thumbup:
  2. Don't think any one really has a finger on a pulse of the market of future "home runs". It could be a 510 or B210 redux a small pickup or some futuristic thing no one else had dreamt up. The car market seams to put out 95% "safe" as in will sell n the other 5% is dedicated to that next "home run" that every other car manufacturer will copy.
  3. ericsb210

    dutch 1976 b210 project

    The Yellow fog lamps?
  4. ericsb210

    Car Porn

    ^^Um, no thanks.
  5. ericsb210


    ^^Angry, I is.
  6. Anyone have a good oic of a "Noob".
  7. I don"t think of myself as a "deep thinker" but....Transferring conscious thought into a robot? This is a field for dreamers.
  8. Dumbing down? Useless? Wall-E? How about complete control over the masses.
  9. ericsb210

    ratsun pets, we know you got-em, now show-em

    This day n age for me at least. I find myself with a stronger attachment to my pets. I beleive it is due to a week human freindship bond. Mike, it has to be hard to go through. The big dog was lucky in having someone who cared as much as you n the wife.
  10. ericsb210

    B-210 5 spd. transmission swap question

    Not aware of any adapter for that trans. The only non A series 5 spd adapter I am aware of is for a Toyota Celica from the early 70's. Racers where doing it for the strength and the tranny is less expensive then the A series 5spd. Look into datsun1200,com for more info.
  11. ericsb210

    620 troubles

    This should help, wiring diagram for a 1979 Datsun 620
  12. ericsb210

    Ricer Sightings

    Well, what else is a guy going to where?

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