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  1. Some. But the pedal goes to the floor and brakes won't stop the wheels
  2. I'm just a tired of watching this truck rot, tired of suggestions likes "use the search function dumbass," would rather someone with the time and money buy the truck, needs a daily driver, type of guy.
  3. Okay fuck it. I'm selling the damned thing. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/6261641278.html
  4. Okay so I've got one on more solution I can think of for my issue with the brakes. I been reusing the copper washers/seals on the banjo fitting for the brakes, which turns out is a bit of a no-no. (I'm not very smart. Who knew?) So as soon as the ice clears up I'll crawl back under the truck. Hopefully after that this will be a worthwhile thread.
  5. Okay what the fuck am I doing wrong?
  6. The only thing I can think at this point to try and pressure bleed it. So if anyone has a spare master cylinder cap that'd be pretty sweet.
  7. So still can't get the brakes figured. With everything I've and I still don't have pedal pressure. I have: Replaced the master (bench bled) and wheel cylinders. Bled the shit outta the brakes (nlsv too) Checked for leaks. Adjusted shoes. Did some ghetto diagnostics and figured I've still got air trapped in the rear lines.
  8. Buddy of mine just picked up a 280zx and these came with it. Anybody know anything about these?
  9. So this thread has been dead for a while. Floor boards are only kind of shitty. Not too many holes but pretty thin overall. I sprayed a butt load of rust converter on it for now. That'll probably do me until I fab in new floor boards. Brakes are almost done. Just need to adjust the shoes hopefully. Just got to figure out how to tune a weber and I'll be on the road.
  10. Damned compressor is collecting water. So ryobi to the rescue. Haha let's see how long it takes to burn up this drill.
  11. So this harbor freight die grinder blows. And my compressor is really old and very tired. Time to bust out the steel brushes.
  12. Let's get this shit cleaned up Safety first.
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