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  1. Did the '79 come with an electric pump? I pulled the bed off this afternoon and the brackets and pump looked like they were put there by the factory. It's a Bendix pump.
  2. Mysta2

    Metric U Bolts

    So, sounds like the answer is no. Bummer. Thanks for the suggestions though.
  3. Mysta2

    Metric U Bolts

    Has anyone found a place in the Seattle area, or anywhere I can order from that will make metric U bolts? All the spring places I've been are staffed by old timers who will only make standard because it "doesn't matter". It's true that standard will work fine to hold the thing together, but I don't want to put standard hardware on a metric truck and need two tool boxes to service it. I don't want to have to cut my own threads, but if that's the only option I may have to. If I do have to go this route, I'd probably want to do stainless. Stainless hardware tends to be a no no for suspension bits, but this application seems like it would be fine because there's little to no shear force.
  4. I admit I did not adjust anything when I rebuilt it (clearly a mistake on my part). I will take care of that when I get home. Mine does have a return line. I'll see if I can pick up a couple of new fuel filters on my way home today. I never got it to run before I rebuilt the carb, I didn't persistently try to.
  5. I just bought the truck. All I have done to it is clean out and rebuild the carb, and add new gas to it. As stated, all the mods were done by a previous owner. This is the state of the truck essentially as purchased. The guy that I bought the truck from is not the person that did any of mods, and he had very limited mechanical knowledge. He did however put in a new starter, a new alternator, plugs, and from what I can tell wires as well. This does not necessarily mean that they are not a cause of the problem, I'm just trying to state the entirety of my knowledge. There are two fuel filters on it, one between the tank and pump, and another before the carb. Both are translucent plastic, and are half full of fuel, it may be a little dark though, so maybe there is rust in the tank. The tank looks good from the outside, so I didn't think too much of it, but obviously the outside and the inside could be totally different, especially if it sat with fuel in the tank for a while.
  6. Interesting. I'll have to check the coil. Would it be hot to the touch of it was overheating? What makes you not suspect a fuel issue?
  7. My '79 will start up fairly nicely, run for about 5 minutes, and die. It idles decent enough. With a little choke or a little throttle I can get it to run at a consistent pace. But then it forcibly dies, doesn't respond to any throttle input while its dying, it just shuts down. One of the POs put a Weber carb, Edlebrock intake, long tube exhaust, and electric fuel pump on it. I have no idea what kind of mods might or might not be in the engine itself. So I figured the fuel pump must not be hacking it. I pulled the line off to look at the flow, it's not vigorous, but it does move gas. I don't know what proper flow should look like. I bought a MrGasket fuel pump. But I have yet to take it out of the package because I would like to try and confirm my issue if possible first, and I'm a little wary of an auto parts store off the shelf pump. Also I just read on here someone talking about one of the problems some folks have with their Webers is too much fuel pressure. Any advice? Do you think I'm on the right track with the fuel pump? Any recomndations for the pump to get if not the MrGasket one?
  8. Mysta2

    Brown Datsun

    It would definitely be awesome to have a mule, or go myself. Shipping is a little scary, this is my first over seas auction. I've got a co worker who buys a set of wheels off Jauce almost every week, he's got a bit of an addiction.
  9. Mysta2

    Brown Datsun

    I was working on the truck in the company parking garage for a while... ...and they apparently got tired of that nonsense. They towed me last Monday. It was a beautiful day and sitting around waiting for a tow (out of the yard) and driving around Samammish was a great way to spend the morning, but it was a horrible way to spend $360. I had AAA tow it to my relatives house, which is where I'm staying until we get our house in Texas sold and my family moves out here. It was nice to have it close by, so it was all for the best after all. Last weekend I pulled it apart a little, adjusted about 2" out of the front suspension, and I was going to put my 4x4 720 leafs on the back... But I couldn't get the bushings out of the 620 springs and the ones in the 720s are shot. Also I confirmed that I need longer U bolts. I'm trying to find the time to get down to Gitt Springs but they're only open 5 days a week and only till 4:30. Some comparisons: I also picked up a few goodies over the past weeks: Smileys: ...and I just won these (NISMO?) wheels this morning: so I'll be crossing my fingers for the next couple of weeks that they are as awesome as I'm betting they are (: I'm a sucker for a good 5 spoke
  10. Mysta2

    What's this blue thing?

    That seems logical. If this is what you meant Flat Cat, I misunderstood. They're both air filters.
  11. Mysta2

    What's this blue thing?

    I did consider saying "not the big blue air filter" but I thought that was already obvious. The other round blue canister I prefer to host my own pics on my website. But it takes days for them to upload to google, and it's dark outside, so I used a pic from the internets instead.
  12. I can't seem to link the pic directly but this is the BAT listing: http://bringatrailer.com/2015/08/05/best-year-72k-mile-1975-datsun-620/ There are a couple of brackets under the hood of my truck that I can't figure out, one of them is next to or behind the horns and in that BAT listing looks to be holding a round blue canister of some sort. Is this an emissions thing? There's also what looks like a small AC compressor hanging off the drivers side of the engine block of my truck with two one inch hoses sticking out of it. The hoses are cut. Is this some kind of emissions circulation pump?
  13. None that show it's true rootbeer glory. I'll see if I can get some tomorrow. This is the truck though: http://community.ratsun.net/topic/68607-brown-datsun/
  14. Mysta2

    Torsion bars

    I'm not sure what the conversion involves going from kingpins to ball joints, but with that couldn't you get your first 2" from 720/d21 drop spindles.
  15. Mine's rootbeer brown... somewhere down under the oxidation. I worked this past weekend polishing it out a bit and it's got quite a lot of flake in it, and I wanted a tan one :)
  16. Went to Hobo Spiders BBQ the other week and decided I should stop in at the Arlington Pick n Pull to do some shopping, and ended up spending more than 3 hours there. Found this hens tooth: Which (Until I got there) still had it's rear leafs. It was sitting on them at the time so getting them out of there was a challenge, but I wasn't going to leave without them. I asked at the front desk about lifting the thing so I could take them, and she told me to come back on Monday and maybe they could do something about it (this was on Saturday) Fortunately the thing was light enough that I could lift a side at a time and kick some slightly taller supports under the frame until it was loose. There was also a beige 720 that I guess I didn't take any pictures of, but that one is not a 4x4. D21s galore: This one's a V6 and still has it's brakes, bring a lug wrench along with this one that I took the brakes and MC off of:
  17. Mysta2

    Brown Datsun

    It's a gas cap, but it doesn't fit the truck. It's too big. Could possibly go with the blue gas door, which I'm shot in the dark guessing might be off a 720 or D21
  18. Mysta2

    Brown Datsun

    Awesome. Thanks
  19. Mysta2

    Brown Datsun

    Discovered that my pics finally uploaded, so I have some more clues on that mystery bracket Think it's a part off the truck? Or just a floater in the bed?
  20. Ooh, do you work at Microsoft? I haven't seen your truck, and I'm over in that garage all the time although my '79 lives at 87. Do you drive it regularly? ...I don't know if anyone's said it yet, but this thread would probably work best in the 620 section.
  21. I was down in Portland this last weekend and I did some wrecking yard cruising while I was in the area. I was on the lookout for 720 4x4 springs and a front brake conversion from a V6 D21, and a side mirror from a T100. This is all as of Saturday the 5th of March 2016. My first stop was Buds Auto Wrecking off of 82nd Ave south of Foster Blvd. That was a total strike out, no Datsuns. Next was LKQ on Foster, they didn’t have anything that I was looking for, but they did have a good selection of nice bucket seats including this pair of red vinyls out of a 1980 Pontiac Sunfire (I had to look up what they hell that was) They are asking $120 for the pair, and I came really close to walking out with them, but eventually decided to pass. I know where to look for seats now though. Then on to Pick N Pull on Foster (I think it’s officially called PickNPull Portland South) Found my T100 mirror here, but that was it for me. The rest of you might be interested some updates on the following: 521 pickup (I think that’s what it is, it’s already in this thread a few times) Not a whole lot left in here Cool steering wheel 210 liftback The body looked really good on this thing Another wheel I kind of regret not pulling (I could really become a steering wheel hoarder) Dash is really nice 720 Pickup Lots of good parts on this thing I don’t think it was a 4x4 though, but it was pretty hard for me to tell. There were no badges denoting it. Hardbody Pickup Engine was missing, but I don’t think it was a V6. I don’t know these things well enough to really be sure though. I think the calipers were single piston though. If it wasn’t raining I may have pulled some of the front suspension off of it. There were no other Nissan trucks though so I could not have left with all I needed anyway though. My iPhone orients the pics correctly, and then windows does the same, and then when I upload them they're all flipped around, I'll see if I can fix that.
  22. I should be able to make it up there, probably in an old T-100 though... or worse. But if the gods are smiling (and have a sense of humor)... a highly questionable Texas tagged, brown '79 620. If I am able to make it I'd be happy to transport parts from as far as Portland since I should be down there the weekend of the 5th.
  23. Nice truck, nice find. Those are a close second for me after the 620.
  24. Mysta2

    My 77 KC 620

    Nice looking truck, definitely got the gut feeling
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