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  1. until

    How do I sign up as a vendor? I also have a detailing shop that can accommodate 4-5 cars with security cameras on it. it is only about 5 miles away or so.
  2. Ok so if i had a 73 l24 i should theoretically be able to drop the oil pan grab a magnet use a straight edge and neasuring tape drill through the 1st "UNUSED"section and tap the mounting holes bolt in the oil pickup tube and go right?? If the one from the middle reaches the bottom and i am going to the front it should be the same length right?
  3. Hey guys i replaced my head gasket and either something is cracked... Warped... Or i f***ed it up...i remember talking with steve at z therapy and he was saying i could use a z car engine but i had to pull the oil pan and there was a second hole cast in the block for oil sump relocation... Has anyone heard of this? I have an l24 that is in great shape i would love to be able to make my 810 run again...
  4. Electric heater? Like this? http://www.dcheaters.com/ I could mount that anywhere:) good thinking thanks dude
  5. New suspension all around New clutch redid my valve guide seals Cut 3 1/2 coils off of the springs New ride height Old ride height
  6. Thanks for the advice I was playing around with hood lengthening and it did end up wierd plus a longer wheelbase would handle worse as well so bye bye heater core. I won't drive this one in the cold anyway with it being my "fun" car so if I can't find a good home for the heater core it won't bug me too much. The motor mounts on the dodge are all the way at the front of the engine so I will be fabricating some sort of set forward plate I'm sure. We will see when I get to it. Off to work.
  7. Thank you it was the carrier bearing she cruises like a cadillac now
  8. Theblackpearl


    Yeah about 3 weeks ago it's our daily It will be at Canby:) Any ideas on where to find door skins? I think I just have to weld in some patches... The doors are the only rusty part on it:)
  9. Oh cool that makes sense I don't have a computer and my phone sucks so oh well I guess
  10. That 620/210 is freaking sweet Burabuda
  11. See there we go I wouldn't include the 6x6 it's too nice lookin. I'm talking more about indys post I just don't see very many of them. And it was a legitimate question. I have been on hybridz classiczcars and zcar.com for years bit believe it or not there aren't many 510's 810's or 620's there go figure huh? So I may be new here but you'll find out I'm serious about giving some of these datsuns new life. No offense meant just calling it as I see it and don't get me wrong I love a blue 68 Camaro and a plum crazy 70 challenger. Same with a army green 510 but once you've seen so many they all kinda lose there charm a bit... Thanks for the pics though guys I'll have another one to add as well very soon.
  12. Hahaha you guys are good. Newbie question real quick can I unfollow a post?
  13. No seriously though these notifications are getting annoying I know you're anxious but wait for progress.
  14. I take everything seriously
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