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  1. D21jeff

    sub gear, FS5W71C

    Working on a FS5W71C, is there a particular direction (font/back) for the sub gear that is on the front of the counter drive gear? Thanks, Jeff
  2. D21jeff

    1987 D21 5-speed

    Back at the '87 5-speed again, I guess I work very slowly, but anyway I think I've got things pretty much back on right and before I try and fit the front case back on I've got a question on the sub-gear direction in front of the counter drive gear. I put the counter back on the same as it was, but is there a front side and a back side on the sub gear? Thanks to Mike or anyone else with advice, it's been fun learning new things. Jeff
  3. D21jeff

    d21 5-speed

    Hi, I'm the guy trying to replace the input shaft bearing and was reluctant to split the case apart. The input shaft bearing was so messed up that when I attempted to remove what was left of the it the input shaft pretty much fell out. Ok, so I've managed to split the case, remove the input shaft bearing (parts that were left), the counter shaft bearing, but now I'm having a hell of time trying to get the counter drive gear with the woodruff keys off. Any tricks or methods would help me a bunch! Thanks alot, Jeff
  4. D21jeff

    1987 D21 5-speed

    Thanks all for your responses, I'll tell you what I was trying to do was to remove a badly beat-up input shaft bearing with a puller and thought I could do this without pulling the bell housing off and wasn't getting very far so I thought I'll just tap on the back side of the puller to try and free it up and that's when the input shaft more or less came off exposing the needle bearing and all. I guess I don't fear separating the trans as much as I once thought just not sure what other problems I've created. Cool website! just a ton of info here and seems like guys just willing to help. Thanks, Jeff
  5. D21jeff

    1987 D21 5-speed

    Hello, Brand new here, Thanks!, I'm in the middle of a input shaft bearing replacement. I've got the old bearing off and now I'm not sure if I should try and put the new bearing on without separating the transmission or if it's even possible. One more thing, the input shaft came out while removing the bearing, I might be in over my head! any help would be great, Thanks, Jeff

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