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  1. vbgambini

    Brake issues 1978 280z

    Actually Black Dragon Z is a very reputable shop. UPDATE!! Ok. Had a few minutes to check the car again. I still do have the spacer. Like Pilar said it was fused to it but not a problem to break free. Tried to test fit the new booster. Seemed like it'll go right in, just having trouble pushing it through the firewall since the rubber is preventing me from being totally flush. Could I use grease to push it through the firewall hole? Its like a 1/4 of an inch from getting all the way through. Now if I can only get the old nut to just screw in the top stud for the MC I should be golden. Any ideas? It screws in the other 3 just fine. I dont think its worth sending back and waiting for a new one when it only has to turn a few times. Maybe some washers?
  2. vbgambini

    Brake issues 1978 280z

    Wussup guys Im having an issue with my brakes. Ive been searching but cannot seem to find what I am looking for. Sorry if its a little long. I have a 1978 280z. Went to take it out for a little drive around the block just to get it running and making sure everything still works. When I pulled out of the driveway when a few feet and my brakes were almost non existent. The pedal became very hard to push and barely stopping the car even when going 10mph. So I decided after researching that the master cylinder is probably going bad and mostly the brake booster needs to be replaced (Seemed like still original parts) So I ordered a new master cylinder and brake booster from Black Dragon. Disassembled all the old parts. Mostly took out the brake booster, and left the master cylinder for now since it is still full of liquid. Received my parts from black dragon this weekend. Here are my issues. Black Dragon part numbers #64-162-Z brake booster #64-103 Master Cylinder 1. The old nuts that went on the old master to booster, 3 of them fit but the top one. The nut cant even be screwed in. It looks like they sent me a bad part. Threads on the stud looked stripped. And even at an angle. But all other 3 nuts screwed in. 2. The new master I received has only 2 stud holes when the old master had 4 is that normal? So I said what the hell I will try and make it work. Ill just use the two vertical studs. So I just test fitted the new parts together out of the car, the master cylinder had to be wiggled in since the stud wasnt straight, and now when it slid in, theres a gap between the master and the brake booster. I dont recall there being some sort of spacer on the old master. I even tried the new master with the old booster, slid in perfect but still a gap. 3. New brake booster looks significantly larger than OEM, Measured the rectangular indentation that fits in the firewall on the new one and the old one. The new one is larger. Will it even fit in my car? Just frustrated because I wanted to get this done over the weekend and even ordered SS lines from MSA. And wanted to get it back on the road. Please if anyone can help me. Thanks.
  3. Sorry this might be a little long. This is my first classic Z. It actually is a very solid car. I paid 2500$ and I've seen worse at that price. Had plenty 240sx before with a KA-t and my favorite one a 98 240sx 1J. So this is my first 280z that I want to build. I have a decent tool collection. I do what I can handle. And have time for on my driveway (No garage). I have the Haynes manual so far and all these forums. I bought the car not being able to run and start and realized it was just the starter. So I got it started and loved driving it. So far I did all the maintenance stuff. Plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, did the rear drums, oil change, fixed a little surface rust on the roof, fiber glassed a little hole in the passenger floor pan. Took up the bumpers, installed a front air dam and other little things I cant think of right now. There are little rust areas that need to be checked out besides little stuff on the body. I think the TC rod area on the frame on the passenger side might need a little attention. The driver side looks ok. I already have the bad dog frame rails ready to be welded. Under battery tray needs some repair too. But otherwise a very solid and fun car to drive. I am not looking to do a V8 swap and really trying to keep it all Nissan. Was thinking a L28ET. Maybe RB? I gotta go boost lol. At least 400 HP. Kinda spoiled with my old 240sx making 528HP. But like everyone I am on a budget and need to think things through on what I want to spend because I also want to enjoy the car as well and not let it sit in a shop forever. Would like to do things little by little. And if possible some help with some local guys rather than a shop that wont cost me an arm and a leg. I know it will take a long time to build it the way I want but I am trying to enjoy it while I work on it too if that makes any sense. My plan so far besides boost and obvious paint and rust repair. Is suspension, Watanabe 16'' maybe 9 or 9.5 wide wheels, 240z front and rear bumpers, AC, and flares. Thats why I want coilovers, for lower stance, adjustability and extra wheel well space. Just trying to reach out to you guys and especially some Florida Z guys. Trying to find a starting point somewhere. If anything I can send texts to anyone if they want to see pics of the car too. But really looking for some guidance and some FL guys. Thanks for reading.
  4. Thanks for the input Mike. That all made a lot of sense. If I do decide to go to a shop ill definitely keep all that in mind! For now Im hoping to run into some Miami guys that can help me in a driveway or a garage to help with my project and try to do most of the work I can do myself to save a little lol. Or if anything recommend me to a place or person that have experience with the stuff I want to do with the Z in the South FL area. Hope Joey J can see this lol.
  5. New to the forum! Guys I wanted to know if there is anyone in the South Florida (North Miami) area to help me with my 78 280z project. I have so many things I want to do and will probably need some help and guidance before I chop my car up lol (fender flares, coilovers, etc.) Looking to get coilovers soon (Not sure which ones yet and that dont cost an arm and a leg) and with no welding experience I dont think I can tackle this conversion on my own. Wanted to reach out and see if anyone with experience doing this to their Z in the South Florida area. Thanks for the help.
  6. Joey J Sick ride man. I follow you on IG and sent you a message as well. But that Z is inspiration right there! Im located in the North Miami area and need some help and guidance for my 78 280z project. Lots of things I want to get done but dont have any welding experience. (Coilovers, rust, floor pans, rust, fender flares, rust lol) Wanted to know if you can help me out get to somewhere close to your sweet ride lol. Rreally trying to find any Z guys here in the south fl area. Hope to hear from you. Thanks man.

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