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  1. make sure you list them on FB as well.
  2. The red 411 was sold about 2 years ago for half the price he is asking. It spent months and months on craigslist before selling. I believe the previous owner had almost all of the work done to the car. If I remember correctly something happened and he lost interest in the restoration.
  3. let me guess it's the white car up north? It's a car worth of getting if so.
  4. 510's don't get me in hard in the pants like most people. I know the rarity but is it honestly worth that much? Did he even pay half that to get it over here?
  5. A dude bought it up in Chicago. He's a collector with a shit ton of money. I've seen him scoop up various Japanese cars over the past 2 years. Most of you would recognize a few of the ones he's acquired.
  6. I keep having to inform people on the net about this truck. It's not a pre war Datsun!!!!!!!, its a early to mid 50s 6147 Double Cab. They used pre war tooling to make it but it's not a prewar truck. I've already informed the owner of this. He said he got in touch with Nissan Japan and they were not interested. I mentioned him possibly trying to contact Nissan America and the Lane Motor museum which both are in Nashville.. This truck should be in a museum.
  7. Id probably buy the damn thing if it was 2000miles closer and in reasonably good shape
  8. That blue b210 has been for sale for about 2 years. I think he originally wanted like over 4k for it lol. I really need that 710 trunk lid!
  9. finally someone bought that thing, it's been for sale for like 6months
  10. that 4 door 510 in ATL has been for sale for like a year now.
  11. isn't that the same 200sx that's been passed around for the last year or so looking worse and worse as time goes on?
  12. considering it was 4hrs from my location and 8pm at night that wasnt an option. He could have always texted me and let me know the deal. He could have requested an online deposit to ensure I would be coming the next day considering I was the first person in line. I mean if i fell through that guy could have came back 1 day later and bought the car......
  13. Yeah I was the first guy to call about the 1200 last night about 2hrs after he posted. I told him I wanted to buy his car and I would be down saturday. He said that would be fine and he would get some more pictures for me. I went and got tires and a car dolley today and he f*cking texted at 11 saying some guy came by with cash and he sold it. I was like um, was I not the first person to talk to you about the car and made plans? He said yeah you were the first but he was the first to come by with money. F*cking dickhead.
  14. Metatron

    75 610 2dr

    oh stop complaining lol, you could be on the east coast where you're lucky to even find a part to buy.
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