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    Replacing front seats

    The bench was out of my 720, the buckets out of a Sentra. I couldn't tell you if they came with armrests, but I do believe they had some sort of headrest OEM. old bench on the left;

    Where to buy timming chain kit??

    The original off my Plymouth was definitely not nylon - or whatever plastic looking material you say. It was steel. Even so, after that repair, it ran so nice, some guy traded me a hopped up El Camino for it and gave me $1200 to boot - and I was finally back into driving a Chevy. I guess he was sick of all that power. lol

    Replacing front seats

    Nissan Sentra work great, they bolt directly into holes already there. In the 720, there are two sets of holes, one for a bench seat, and one for buckets. I originally had a bench. Since Nissans in the early 80's were built in the USA, (at a GM facility I'm told,) I believe they took a lot of ideas from GM - like making sure all Nissans have swappable parts, even from different years. Here's what a 720's floor looks like with the seats removed; and here it is with the Nissan Sentra Seats (from an '83 Sentra)

    Where to buy timming chain kit??

    Calling your local Nissan Dealership would be the best bet on finding one directly from Nissan, especially if you tell them you want OE (Original Equipment) from Nissan, and not an aftermarket brand. I replaced a timing gear and chain in a Plymouth Duster back in the late 80's and the company I purchased it with replaced the metal main gear with a nylon gear. I was not happy, to say the least. Direct from the dealer is always the best way to go, if you care about your vehicle lasting another 30 or so years.

    Snake pit - rhino built

    True, the exhaust would be louder under a load, but you wouldn't hear the difference inside the cab. This video only shows it running, not revving. Does it get more intense / louder, if you step on the accelerator? Otherwise, I did have the fan bearing go out once in my 720 z24, and it sounded similar. The sound was bouncing all over the place, driving me nuts for weeks. Good call, Mike.

    Snake pit - rhino built

    Definitely a metal to metal sound. Ah! I've got it - it's under the valve cover. :D But, then again, it kinda sounds like an exhaust leak.

    85 720 Wiper Arms

    The gear puller would help if you switch the arms of the puller around, so the "hooks" are under the arm, and the center pin is on the spindle. And, yes, dissimilar metals do affect the corrosion issue, but not usually with aluminum, unless you live near the ocean, or your vehicle has exposed to road salt (used for de-icing the roads.) Then, all bets are off, it might be pretty gummed on, which is where we're back to the gear puller.

    Z24 with weber 32/36

    hmm, bummer. When I bought my first 720, the junkyard had an endless supply of parts, but I think other people in my area have found the same junkyard, because a day after a new one comes in, it looks like it's been sitting on the side of the Turnpike in New York city for 5 minutes, stripped to the chassis!

    Snake pit - rhino built

    Replace the carpet with in-and-out carpet from a big box store for $40 a yard, and make sure you get dirt-colored carpet, and then you can forget about vacuuming (until it starts to wear through.) Nice seat! I got rid of bench years ago, it was made out of some cheap vinyl stuff and was ripped up quite a bit. I put some cloth bucket seats in from a 1980's-something Nissan Sentra, and they bolted right in! ---- lol - sorry - I'm def a newbie on this here forum stuff - I thought your comment about the carpet was just yesterday. Well, anyway... here is a pic of my seats - old and new;
  10. DATSAN

    Need help locating oil leak Z24

    Actually, with this type of vehicle it's half as bad as a V8 would be, so count your blessings. Just remember to take the head completely off, and have the head surface shaved at a machine shop until it's flat, or you'll have a repeat problem. This stuff is a lot more fun than playing video games, you learn important stuff, and it keeps you off the streets. (There's a few more good things.) :D
  11. DATSAN

    Z24 with weber 32/36

    Well, I see the heater core is gone. I hope you live in one of them thar warmer Tennessee climates. Here is my Engine, a spitting image of yours, all cleaned up - pre-weber era;
  12. DATSAN

    Z24 with weber 32/36

    Are you sure that's not an '83 or '84? That engine is exactly like mine. There is only one wingnut that holds on the original air cleaner, and two nuts that bolt (via a bracket on the side of the air cleaner) to the valve cover. This is a very old pic from my '83 720 Z24 before replacing it with a weber.
  13. DATSAN

    85 720 Wiper Arms

    I'd still like to see if it came off by releasing the spring tension first. Since the arm is aluminum and the spline is steel, there shouldn't be any rust. If it's still stuck, go ahead and buy the puller (and switch the arms around so they pull from the inner side, rather than the outer-side,) and you've got it. :D
  14. DATSAN

    Engine problems

    720driver97, excess fuel always allows more cooling than a lean burn. Having a lean mixture will always give you better combustion, (and horsepower,) but your engine won't put up with it forever. You'll end up burning up the pistons or the top ring because of higher friction.
  15. DATSAN

    85 720 Wiper Arms

    Have you tried releasing the pressure off the spline, by lifting the wiper all the way up, so that the wiper is "erect?" I know, when I was removing mine, they wouldn't budge until I lifted the wiper arm - all the way up, (like I was replacing the wiper blade,) and then the pressure on the spline was removed, allowing the wiper arm to be removed. If you don't release the pressure on the spring that holds it tight to the windshield, it will never come off. :)

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