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  1. G-Duax

    Boink boink

    I just did my old tired L18 about a month ago, just laid some rubber sheet across the crank, that was also long enough to curve up the sides of the main webs to reduce the likelihood of hone mud getting into the mains, or down into the rod oiling holes. Learned that trick when I was a kid from an old guy that ran a mobile auto machine shop out of the back of a service truck. He even had a cylinder boring machine that would bolt to the top of the block. (days gone by, probably not one mobile machine shop still in existence)
  2. Can you eliminate all the non-post stuff coming up under new activity like "Joe Blow reacted to a post in a topic:...." ? If we are following the thread, we will see it in the thread, and if we are not, we really don't care...
  3. I have a large box of top hats from years of importing shit from Japan. Tell me what ID springs you have, and what ID hole you want for the shaft to go through, and I will dig through them.
  4. That's funny..... I'll pass on that one. Maybe you all will figure this mess out in a week.
  5. Not on my 'edit profile'. In fact my edit profile looks nothing like that...
  6. That works. Still trying to figure out the avatar issue, doesn't say 'avatar' anywhere. Doesn't matter, no one wants to look at my wrinkled old face anyway....
  7. So now, instead of newest posts, or latest posts, we have 'unread posts', and once you have clicked on them, they vanish.
  8. G-Duax

    New Mobile Site Look

    That isn't very good either.....
  9. OK, it condensed down to 1" screen space now, guessing I didn't wait long enough. Slow to respond. Better than 2", but still a huge waste of space. Still no list of liked posts. Did all that get dumped ? And looks like there is no way to bring up my past posts. Will any of this be reloaded ?
  10. Nope....... Don't understand why one updated thread needs to take up 2" of screen space.
  11. And where did my list of people who 'Liked' one of my posts go ?
  12. Well, that sucks, 6-7 threads per page instead of 20......
  13. Where did the link go for finding the latest posts ??? Do you expect us to click on each section to find what's new ?
  14. G-Duax

    620 Land Speed Record

    Are you going to haul the original side draft set with you, just in case the submarine snorkel set doesn't pan out ?
  15. G-Duax

    coolant/block heater?

    Back when I lived in "the great white north, ey" (Wisconsin, AKA southern Canada), I always used an inline hose heater, installed in the lower radiator hose.

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