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  1. Mojo510

    DatsunsNW future plans and events

    There are reports of scattered showers after 4pm today for our PIR drag night, I guess we will have to play it by ear and see how the last day of summer treats us. S
  2. Mojo510

    RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

    Dave was a great guy with a big heart and a bigger personality, from the ass pennies to the clown shoe's. He took the time to give my kids rides in his bagged wagon and let them flip the switches, he was a god to them at that moment and they still talk about it to this day, thanks Dave, R.I.P. S
  3. Mojo510

    DatsunsNW future plans and events

    Last time out with my car (years ago) I passed tech with just a lap belt and raced all night. To race Fri/Sat night drags you will need, long pants only, no cracks in windshield, seat mounted solid, good brake pedal, not much play in steering, at least 1 brake light, inside outside driver door handles work, battery hold down, no major leaks, windows roll up or a net, all your lug nut on all wheels, no hubcaps, helmet required if convertible, some tread left on your street tires, rag top or if you go faster than 11.0 sec i think. Chime in with anything I might have forgot guys. I think it would be cool as hell to see your turbodiesel roll down the track, good times. S
  4. Mojo510

    DatsunsNW future plans and events

    Our next meeting is Sept. 15th 2018 from 6-8pm at our normal locatiion, 509 NW Everett St. We have set a date for DNW Friday night drag night at PIR, we will be meeting up on Sept. 21st at PIR, gates open at 5pm close at 10pm, canceled if raining. Come out and burn some rubber and lay down an E.T., grudge race your buddy or come out and watch, hpe to see you there. S
  5. Mojo510

    R.I.P. Burt Reynolds

    Another great dies today, age 82, grew up watching this guy. Smokey and the Bandit, Cannon Ball Run, Stroker Ace, Deliverance, Boogie Nights, think I saw him on Fast and Loud when they did the Bandit Trans am. He made some great movies and had some hot wife's, RIP. S
  6. Mojo510

    DatsunsNW future plans and events

    DNW is planning a PIR Friday night drag night, no date set yet, just putting feelers out to see what kind of group we can get. Enough guys and we can get our own lane. So get those cars or your drag queen ready. I'm thinking Sept. 21st. Steven
  7. Mojo510

    DatsunsNW future plans and events

    Next DNW meeting Sat. Aug. 18th 2018, 6pm to 8pm, 509 NW Everett street, Portland OR, 97209, bring your cars, parts to sell and some more Dato's S
  8. Mojo510

    Blue Lake Datsun show 2018

    I'll rally up some Datsun's and head out, sounds like the weather may cool of a bit for this. S
  9. Mojo510

    Greetings! Intro/build thread

    Grabbing some popcorn, sitting back and watching this. Never seen an Audi eng in a Datsun yet! The 1.8t is a great platform to start with, easy to mod and tune and if you already have one and know it, why not. S
  10. Mojo510

    7/21/18 DNW BBQ/potluck Meet 6-8pm Sat

    Sorry to hear you missed us, we had about 20 cars and 30 people, good food and went till about 9:30, we will do next 2 meets from 6-8 on the third sat of the month. S
  11. Mojo510

    7/21/18 DNW BBQ/potluck Meet 6-8pm Sat

    Have they kicked you guys out yet lol🙂
  12. Hey guys I got a email from John Johnson in Black Diamond Washington. He is trying to sell his fathers 1977 620 pick up, it has factory duelies and extended frame for a camper. Says the body is good. It has been sitting for some time not being started. His email is blessedobsidian@gmail.com, he didn't send pics with it tho. This is about all the info he gave me. This was a email sent to DNW, I have no idea or affiliation to this person or truck! If you email him, John said he will send pics, give more details and arrange for you to look at it and discuss price. Hope it goes to a good home, maybe someones looking for a camper rig? Steven Pepka DNW
  13. Mojo510

    DatsunsNW future plans and events

    It starts off at 6pm this Sat night. I started a diff thread here on ratsun for a little more exposure. S
  14. Not sure if people were seeing this in my other post under DNW future plans. We are changing up our meeting time from morning to night and having a BBQ/potluck with the first one. If you have parts to sell bring them, bring your Datsun and a friend with another one. 509 NW Everett street, Portland OR 97209 6 to 8pm, just pull into shop and part. Bring your favorite beverage and a dish if you'd like. DNW will have BBQ burgers and dogs. S
  15. Mojo510

    DatsunsNW future plans and events

    Remember DNW BBQ meet this Sat at the shop. Bring your Datsun, parts to sell and more Datsuns. S

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