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    Datsun B210 / 120Y 2-Door Sedan
  1. tboe0

    CNC EFI Manifold

    I'll prop buy a gasket, and work from that. I just have a detailed drawing of the intake from the A-series motor and hoped that someone had something similar for the L. Because I can make something better, cooler, and waaaay more swag ;) And until I have made it in CAD, I don know if I can do it cheaper than what's available, but I know that what I can make is better.
  2. tboe0

    CNC EFI Manifold

    Hey you lot :-) I would like to make an EFI Manifold for the Z-cars, but need the dimensions of the mounting. Do someone have this ? I can acquire an engine, but would rather not, if I can avoid it :) A technical drawing of the intake flange with bolt-dimensions ect. Cheers Toby
  3. tboe0

    B210 Rollcall

    My wet dream ;)
  4. tboe0

    The Engineered 1UZ V8 Datsun 620 Build

    God dam I love what you do...! That's an awesome skillset and some excellent metalworking! :D
  5. tboe0

    B210 Rollcall

    Worked on the car this weekend ^^ And after getting som more parts from a fellow datsun mate, we had to stop and considder something... Box-flares from 1500 ute fenders :sweat: (We are using the UTE's hood as a standin for the for the exelent hood, fits rather nice, just needs to be modified a bit... too wide and short so some work is needed)
  6. tboe0

    whats the deal with 100A vs 120y prices?

    The 100A is front wheel drive as far as I know, making is less desired? PS. as I'm also in Europe where du you look for Suns :D love browsing for datsun :p
  7. tboe0

    B210 Rollcall

    No idea :geek: Picture was just to illustrate what I have in stock :confused: Tanks :) I'll keep posting as it soon begins to move along quickly ;) Yeah it's pretty much planned out. Only thing that is a little blur is motor. Stock A12 is what i got for now but there are a couple of ideas floating around. But I just got a job ad Rotex Compressors as a CAD designer, so they might want me to put a Rotex on that 'lil thing :lol: Time will tell.
  8. tboe0

    B210 Rollcall

    Yeah Excellent grill :D Love the shark-nose! We'll try to make it fit. We might be able to get a hood that match-kinda, if not we will have to figure something out. We don't have the radiator support either... but are getting pretty good ad fabricating stuff so we are sure that we'll get past it :-) We are considering a bumper delete, but we'll mock it up and see B) But also have two other grills ;-)
  9. tboe0

    B210 Rollcall

    Hey everyone :D I'm a bit far behind with my build, but I got most of the parts for a start B) Here is the car as of now :blush: I'v got alot of parts, and cant wait to assemble it all! In the mix I'll try to fit the PB Grill :rolleyes: (FishFace), a sheet-metal air-dam and sheet-metal flares :lol: I'll keep you all updated when the rust is done (I have a build thread ;) ) But there was ALOT of rust and I can't get it past inspection with as much as a pin-hole in the body... When rust is gone, we will make a test assembly of most things and then strip it for paint and prep, color is going to be gray with orange accents :huh:
  10. tboe0

    Datsun interchangeable parts - B210

    True, and I might do it down the road, but want to experience the org. ride height first. No it has gas-dampers, as yours I would think. But if I were to do a 4-link, it would need coil's in the rear. :-)
  11. tboe0

    Datsun interchangeable parts - B210

    Yeah but I can't get my hands on 280ZX struts around here, so would buy a set from T3... And when I was at it I would get brakes too. Simply because if I buy struts from T3 i havn't got any other break-hardware. I'm not lowering it, as a old and wise Datsun mechanic told me not to. It ruins the car's street handling according to him... You don't understand what I'm asking datzenmike. I'm not asking what to do, but ask what is interchangeable. Control arms might not wear out but they rust, and I might want to replace them. As for tie rods. Rear coils - I might do a 4 link, so knowing if the T3 rear coil would do the trick would be great!
  12. Hey there, all you lovely Datsun family :D I'm sitting here wondering... What parts from other Datsun, fit our B210? I own a 74' B210/120Y, and with a lot of parts needing to be replaced, it got me wondering what could be used of other Datsun, as some parts might be easier to locate for other Sun's that would fit? The tension rods from T3, that's made for the 510 should fit, https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/510/tension-control-rods-datsun-510 What else fit? As the 280ZX strut swap is a well regarded swap, I'm considering it. Would get the Willwood brakes along with it :P But will it fit? And what about control arms? swaybar? rear coils? tie rods? I't would be great to have a comprehensive Wiki like the 1200! Best regards, Toby
  13. tboe0

    Wanted! - Engineering papers

    Thanks for the tip Carter :-) I'll send him a mail, hoping he can help ^^
  14. tboe0

    Wanted! - Engineering papers

    Hey pepz :) I want to put a bigger engine in my 120Y / B210! But there is a problem with this... I ned to get it approved by the DOT to do this, as they only allow a 20% power increase without getting it approved by the engineering department. BUT to have a chance on getting my car approved by the DOT, it would help to have some engineering approvement papers. So if anyone have a Datsun B210 that they daily, with a bigger motor in, that have been approved by the DOT to handle that power, it would be great to get my hands on them ^^ Cheers, Toby
  15. tboe0

    Suspension upgrade for B310

    Anyone with pics of them using T3 510 stuff on their B210? :D Have a 120Y and need new arms, would be sick to use T3 stuff!

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