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  1. car_cursed

    New member with a 1964 1500

    Came from Ohio, bought it from a guy who bought it from a Nissan dealership. It's in Utah now. It has the dual carb setup. It's registered as a 65, but the chassis stamp shows it to be a 64. I will put up more pictures this spring when it comes out of storage. No plans on changing wheel setup. I even like the white walls.
  2. car_cursed

    New member with a 1964 1500

    Thought I would go ahead and introduce my new to me vehicle. I purchased this August 2015 and drove it a couple months before it got put in the barn for the winter. Loved every minute of it, but it does seem to run a bit hot and have a small exhaust leak that will be addressed when the snow melts. Car is in good shape, and I look forward to long ownership and a full restoration one day. At least there is not any rust that I need to deal with. I will have to get some better pictures this spring. It's 100% stock down to the wheel covers. Yes it still has the jump seat too. My 5 year old thought it was awesome when she got to sit in it to drive around the neighborhood. Taking delivery (barely fit on the rails) Home safe and sound.

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