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  1. just let you know it's very important! If it is made from PLA most common for 3d printing it wont last very wont in a hot car.
  2. looks like I need to get a new credit card for shopping lol.
  3. That will not work, it is a longer rod.
  4. I would use the Z22 motor and put the W58 head on that, also witch timing cover. That would be more power and easier then switching everything over.
  5. What type of cutter is this? like the size of the cut wheels.
  6. Thanks, I thought that I mite just have to cut and replace metal. Was hoping for some good news, but this project just keeps going down hill. I will start a billing thread soon and upload the rest of the photos.
  7. Hello everyone, I have been working on my very rusty dime and found out that it had to of been hit on passenger side. it looks like the last owner pulled it back out but did a crapy job at it causing it to rust really bad. shitty welding never seeing anything so shitty!!! :geek: it was all covered up with all most an inch of mud on it. Guess thats what I get for buying a car with out seeing it in person. My question see photo, The firewall on passenger side is dented in a little bit. I can't figure out the best way to fix with with out taking the hole front frame aport and I don't want to do that. that is more then I can do. any thoughts? Oh and I did not cut that square in the fire wall don't no why PO did that :confused: Thanks
  8. I sold him the purple one, guess another project that won't get completed. :crying:
  9. Yes it is hard to be a Datsun fan being on the east cost. I live in Ohio and the only thing that pops up is Z-car club and that is still couple hour drive for me. If I wanted a muscle car I could go to car meets every day! so sad. :crying: Then when you talk about cars with them they think your nuts for bring up a Datsun!! I think I'm venting a little bit.
  10. Thanks I never looked at car-part.com and found a completed engine about 3hr drive from me. Getting it tomorrow they did not know what to ask for it so we came up with $150.00! :thumbup: that is really good for E-cost, the guy was shocked that they had that old of a truck still on the lot.
  11. Sweet that does not seem that hard to do thanks!
  12. ok thanks I got a W58 head I can take all the parts from, but is the cam the same in W58 as U60 or U67? and I thought the U60 and U67 are the same head? any Chance you have Photos showing right were you drilled and how you piped it down?
  13. The cost of the engine and shipping Im look around $400 to $500 just for the engine :geek: the parts I got for the build l20b engine z22 crank shaft KA24E pistons U60 Head that needs rockers, cam, lash pads, springs. valves. R1 carbs still need to get the intake manifold I really want LZ2.3, I guess I will keep looking for Z22 or z20 block, but if I don't fine one by the end of July I will take the chance on l20b It will only be a weekend driver. Is there a set up where you can get the cam, rockers and spring, lash pads in a kit? I can find anything
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