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  1. That mount will take a bit more creative thinking to fix, mine was the more rearward mount. That particular mount is an interesting one, it's shaped like an upside down bowl with a wide lip and has two 1/4" bolts on either side which come down and connect to the frame and within the centre there's a 14mm (iirc) nut. You could still probably get away with putting in a piece of angled steel and run a bolt down to the frame with a bushing, but it may be better to just replace that floor section and get a new mount piece in there.
  2. Discovered this same issue myself on my passenger mount this past weekend. 1/4" stainless angle - bolted to the cab with a 1/2" hole drilled for the mount. Worked perfect.
  3. Crytek89

    Frame Swap

    Back from another successful weekend of working on the frame swap. Discovered the rear passenger cab mount had rusted out so decided to make my own! Previous owner had installed 1/4" angle iron on either side as he noticed it was sagging a bit, but didn't extend it to the rear mount unfortunately. Ended up installing 1/4" stainless angle to extend it - driver's side was fine, so just did passenger. Worked out pretty good - 6 bolts and going to weld it to the existing piece on the next trip up. End result:
  4. While there's lots of standalone ECU options available (megasquirt, nistune, haltech, Enthalpy etc..), I went with the stock ECU, mind you there are many different versions and some will benefit you more than others. Each stock ECU will have a number on it, this indicates whether it's OBDI, OBDII, Federal Emissions, Cali-specific, manual or auto. I went with a Federal Emissions with Auto ECU, and I only did this because the auto ECU has no speed limiter.
  5. I think DatsunMike hit the nail on the head with his answer. ]2eDeYe, in doing my frame swap I made a video detailing each area of the swap with the cab off (coming soon). On my original frame the mount seemed to be bolted back further than what it should have been. Not sure if the mount was replaced at some point or not though. I'm finding lots of goodies as I get deeper into this project 😂 With the new frame, originally SD25 diesel, i had to drill new bottom mount holes, in which case I could have kept your original mounts as-is and adjust my drilled holes accordingly.
  6. Crytek89

    Frame Swap

    Anyone know where I'd be able to find new frame mounts for the middle cab mount? I'd assume any parts place, but not sure if there's specific ones for it.
  7. Crytek89

    Frame Swap

    Back from another few days up at the farm working on the truck. Took a wire brush to the whole frame, dumped out the dirt from inside the box and two coats of POR-15 later and it's looking real nice! Beginning: Dumping the Dirt (Airhose + hammer + tractor = best): After two coats: Next time, removing the box from my truck and swapping the fuel tank and pump, rear axle and leafs and if I have enough time, dry icing the interior of the cab to remove the old sound-deadening and laying down the Kilmat sound deadening. Maybe cab removal too, we'll see how things go. Stay tuned!
  8. Crytek89

    Frame Swap

    They certainly help make the job easier! 😂 Plus I think my grandfather was just having too much fun with the Bobcat.
  9. Still doesn't let me have a HQ avatar photo (mb) one though 😞 It seems the banner image let me save a nice one though.
  10. This actually fixed it for me. Video link attached for resolution steps. AA0BBACA-A400-4C9A-BBB8-E301EEFF861B.MP4
  11. I'm experiencing the same issue on Chrome, but Firefox works without issue. I haven't tried it yet, but does clearing your cache/cookies fix it?
  12. Crytek89

    Frame Swap

    Not at this time. I know the glowplugs need to be replaced, but aside from that I'm unsure what it needs to run. My grandfather has "claimed" it as his new welding engine for the time being. It may be available for sale in the future, but a bit difficult to get across the border haha
  13. Yeah my shop for my truck is about an 1.5hr drive away, makes it a bit tricky to get up there without the truck on the road.. and I don't think the cops would like my drift car on the road more than it already is 😂
  14. Crytek89

    Frame Swap

    Had all of last week booked off and worked on getting the body and box off the parts truck, stripping it down and getting it ready for the second part of the swap next week. Frame on the new truck is in great shape! Bit of rust on the rear cross-member, but nothing alarming as the rails are in perfect shape. Next step will be removing the SD25 engine, diesel fuel tank, brake hardlines and replacing with the gas tank and new brake lines. I'll also need to completely swap over the front suspension from my truck to the new frame. Some photos I snapped in the meantime - was pretty focused on getting the cab and box off, so photos are limited but should have more time the next time I'm up working on it. VID_26420423_213324_197.mp4
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