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  1. Not sure how I missed this.. I ended up going with a stock KA flywheel and an ACT 6-puck stage 2, was a little pricey but it grabs like hell.
  2. According to Pathfinder forums it appears the 94-95 had the strongest LSD. If you head to a junk yard just clear off the rear diff pumpkin and there should be a yellow or orange sticker stating to use "LSD fluid" or something to that nature. With that said, it is recommended to take apart the LSD and thoroughly clean the friction plates and discs.
  3. This was posted on the 720 FB page today. Might help you compare?
  4. Crytek89

    720 4x4 KA24DE swap

    With this also in mind, the KA does like to spin the bearing on cyl.#2 so certainly a good bearing material is encouraged to ensure longevity.
  5. Crytek89

    720 4x4 KA24DE swap

    As MaxChlan linked, that is my KA swap article. Being as my truck is 2wd, some parts of the guide may be irreverent. It is a rather large job, in the sense that the modifications that are required, are rather complex; namely the oil pan issue, and how best to undertake the job. If I had the money, i'd personally do a dry sump setup, but I'm sure we all would. I fabricated my pan from the KA and the bottom of the pan using a KA24E pan off a D21. You can use the Z24 pan, however it'll take some work to fit as a rear sump as it's not as long, and you'll still require the KA pan for the overall bolting pattern. In terms of parts - new parts are *generally* available at Nissan dealerships, aftermarket options are copious. Enjukuracing is a good example of what's available. If you are going to turbo it, stock can handle roughly 7psi, anymore than that and you'll want to start looking at forged options. In addition to this, the stock MAF from the S13 does not like boost, you'll need to find a MAF from a Z32 (300zx) and run an aftermarket ECU. As for maintenance, the KA24DE is a rather solid engine, having run it for nearly 2 years now, I can't think of anything to complain about personally. I also know a ton of people who run them in their 240sx's for drifting and running n/a or turbo'd they're a hell of a lot more reliable than SR's from what i've seen.
  6. For most applications I certainly recommend installing as a package, the reason I installed separately is that I heard of issues with the transmission not being proper positioned after installing with the KA. Absolutely recommend new rubber mounts if you can find them - it'll be something I'll have to replace in the future as when I swapped my engine none of the parts places in my area had them available.
  7. Anyone know on the '84 on the steering rack if there is a bleed screw anywhere? Not seeing any mention of it in the FSM.
  8. Nice! At least with that you're not worrying about the oil pan, should give it some pick-me-up!
  9. I had to replace the front main seal last month (August 2018) but other than that I've had no issues to speak of with the swap. Still slowly working on a few things (fuel consumption) and probably going to install an aftermarket fuel rail with pressure regular to assist in that regard.
  10. Crytek89

    Replace Z24 engine.

    I've finally gone ahead and updated the swap How-To with proper wiring diagram for the KA for those interested.
  11. Crytek89

    Replace Z24 engine.

    Thanks! Engine's still running good, gotta do some frame work though, salted winter roads finally got to it.
  12. Crytek89

    Replace Z24 engine.

    Absolutely. If you can find a truck KA (E or DE) you'll have a much easier time accomplishing this swap as you won't need to modify the oil pan or oil pickup. (I did, it sucked, trust me).
  13. Crytek89

    Replace Z24 engine.

    There's a couple options for the 720 in terms of swap matching trans. First and foremost, I do believe it needs to be a 5-speed manual transmission. The KA24E from the D21 Pickup The KA24DE from the D22 Navara/Frontier Oil pan modification: KA24E/KA24DE from Nissan 240sx (S13) 1989-1991 (OBD1)
  14. Crytek89

    Vancouver Islan

    I'm in Victoria - I've seen around half a dozen in the south island and I know there's a blue diesel in Port Alberni and another blue one in Nanoose Bay.
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