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  1. Crytek89

    How to: KA24DE swap into 720

    Nice! At least with that you're not worrying about the oil pan, should give it some pick-me-up!
  2. Crytek89

    How to: KA24DE swap into 720

    I had to replace the front main seal last month (August 2018) but other than that I've had no issues to speak of with the swap. Still slowly working on a few things (fuel consumption) and probably going to install an aftermarket fuel rail with pressure regular to assist in that regard.
  3. Crytek89

    Replace Z24 engine.

    I've finally gone ahead and updated the swap How-To with proper wiring diagram for the KA for those interested.
  4. Crytek89

    Replace Z24 engine.

    Thanks! Engine's still running good, gotta do some frame work though, salted winter roads finally got to it.
  5. Crytek89

    Replace Z24 engine.

    Absolutely. If you can find a truck KA (E or DE) you'll have a much easier time accomplishing this swap as you won't need to modify the oil pan or oil pickup. (I did, it sucked, trust me).
  6. Crytek89

    Replace Z24 engine.

    There's a couple options for the 720 in terms of swap matching trans. First and foremost, I do believe it needs to be a 5-speed manual transmission. The KA24E from the D21 Pickup The KA24DE from the D22 Navara/Frontier Oil pan modification: KA24E/KA24DE from Nissan 240sx (S13) 1989-1991 (OBD1)
  7. Crytek89

    Replace Z24 engine.

    Oh Hey.
  8. Crytek89

    Vancouver Islan

    I'm in Victoria - I've seen around half a dozen in the south island and I know there's a blue diesel in Port Alberni and another blue one in Nanoose Bay.
  9. Crytek89

    What rims are these?

    BBS RA replica maybe?
  10. Crytek89

    What rims are these?

    They honestly look more like BBS RS but the way the stud holes are positioned isn't correct.
  11. Crytek89

    Rear diff

    Awesome, thanks for the tips Mike! Always appreciate it.
  12. Crytek89

    Rear diff

    Gotcha, makes sense. Thanks! Probably more top-end speed. Acceleration is really decent but doesn't seem to want to get very fast haha
  13. Crytek89

    Rear diff

    Hey Guys! I'm still kicking, as is the ol' 720. Thus far the KA has proved to be fun but at this point I'm looking for some better gearing in the rear end to help it out a bit. At this point I'm not honestly sure what rear end i'm running (I'm sure the VIN plates show though). Is there any stamps on the rear diff itself to identify what gearing it is or does the cover have to be removed and teeth counted or just check VIN plates? Also, I know not classified section, but anyone know the typical going rate for a diff/best option for the KA?
  14. Crytek89

    Calling all Ratsuns, Performance on z24 or S14 ka24de?

    Haha, well said. I've already found an RB20 turbo for my KA and planning on a forged build in a year or so for boost.
  15. Crytek89

    Calling all Ratsuns, Performance on z24 or S14 ka24de?

    As Bottomwatcher mentioned I have done the KA swap myself, S13 mind you. The S14 uses OBDII wiring and is harder to wire compared to the S13. My swap itself was pricier as I rebuilt the engine from the ground up but if you just had the KA and swapped it you'd still be looking at around $800+ not including if you don't have a shop and you need to pay for one. I've broken this pricing down as follows: Engine mounts: $120-150, Wiring box: $120-150, Fuel pump: $120, Wiring accessories: $50, Hoses: $150, clutch master cyl: $50-100, fluids: $100 etc etc. It all does add up and even with a full shop and about 4-5 people on a given weekend it still took 6 weeks (not incl. when I couldn't be there any family worked on it during the week). My personal recommendation, unless you have the facilities necessary with experienced helpers (Welder is a must) I'd just do a weber conversion or do the KA24E from the D21 so you don't have to worry about the oil pan modification.

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